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  • Raritan Boat
    Marine Ice Maker

    A dependable, environmentally friendly, fully
    automatic ice making machine designed specifically
    for marine applications. Produces up to 22
    pounds of crescent-shaped ice a day

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  • raritan slider boat 2
    Electro Scan

    The most popular USCG certified Type I MSD.
    Power requirements have been reduced by 36 %,
    generates its own natural disinfectant from salt water.
    Can be used with both manual and electric toilets.

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  • Raritan Electro Scan
    Macerator Pump
    Macerator Pump

    All stainless steel bolts to avoid corrosion problems.
    Spring loaded Viton shaft seal is used to prevent
    premature leaks. 

    Our proprietary rubber impeller compound allows
    longer dry running time. Optional Waste Valve Assembly
    isolates the waste matter from the pump during maintenance.

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  • boat-1
    Atlantes Freedom
    Atlantes Freedom

    Anti-clog Vortex-Vac discharge system.

    Available in Fresh, seawater and SeaFresh flushing
    options.  Two bowl styles; household and elongated.

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  • raritan marine sanitation
    Fresh Head
    Fresh Head

    The first manual marine toilet to utilize pressurized
    fresh water. The Footprint is a direct replacement for
    competitive models. Low water use toilet.

    Available as Left hand side pump.

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  • Raritan Boat - atlantes freedom
    Marine Elegance
    Marine Elegance

    Unmatched rinsing capability with low water consumption
    Available in Fresh, seawater and SeaFresh flushing options.

    Four bowl styles to choose from.

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Raritan Marine Sanitation Products

Raritan Engineering Company Inc. started with one simple marine product, a manual marine toilet designed for the Navy. This first of its kind manual marine toilet was built fully of bronze and allowed the user to draw in sea water while also discharging the contents by simply pumping the handle. That first toilet was named the PH. In addition to its robust material it featured leather seals for reliability and durability. Today a very similar toilet still exists in Raritans lineup of marine toilets. The PHII has undergone many changes over the years but the original design to bring water in while also discharging had remained the same. Raritan differs from most of its competition in many ways.

In addition to being a pioneer in the marine manual toilet business Raritan then introduced an electric macerating toilet - the Crown Head. Some of which still exist in the field today! First introduced in the late 1960’s we still will occasionally get one dated from the late 1960’s or early 1970’s back on our exchange program. We wonder how many companies today can claim they have had a toilet in operation for more than 45 years? While the Crown Head still remains popular among many the most impressive introduction by far was the Marine Elegance toilet which brings the ability to install a macerating toilet in a very tight area. While Vacuum toilets were all the rage in the early 1990’s the popularity is decreasing as vacuum leaks cause headaches for owners. The development of the Marine Elegance required that it fit in a small area, have a powerful quiet flush and any required maintenance be easy. In addition, we developed a unique mounting system that allows for extremely clean lines, a favorite for those that like a clean bathroom!

Marine Sanitation Systems

Of course, with toilet waste comes environmental responsibility and that is where the first electrochemical chlorinator was born. Raritan introduced a way to treat the toilet waste with a bottle of bleach long before any rules or regulations about boat toilets even existed. Granted in today’s world it would not be proper but it was a step to try and protect the waters we boat in rather than having people discharge raw waste. By the time the Clean Water Act came to be Raritan had partnered with Diamond Shamrock and introduced a Type I Marine Sanitation Device that still substantially outperforms the Type I standard! The Electroscan is by far the most popular Type I device on the market today and remains a top choice for those that choose to be environmentally friendly. While it is legal to discharge overboard outside the 3 mile limit we find many choose to do so inside without treatment. Installing a Type I device ensures that you are not discharging raw sewage inside the 3 mile limit.
Building reliable marine sanitation products is key to the core values at Raritan but more important than reliable marine sanitation products is knowing that no matter how well they are built things happen. Raritan is proud to provide telephone support throughout the week to allow users to have questions answered, or emergency parts shipped on the same day. We strive to get every customer back out on the water or up and running as quickly as possible. An investment in a Raritan marine sanitation product is always backed by unmatched after sale support.


Raritan's Marine Sanitation Products Legacy

For more than fifty years, Raritan has been meeting our customers needs for outstanding service and product reliability establishing ourselves as "the most dependable name on the water." Our customers continue to be our focus, and the primary source of the ideas for our new marine sanitation products and product enhancements. The median length of service for Raritan employees is about twenty years, an unusual number in the fast changing world we live and work in. It is a measure of the dedication of the men and women who design, manufacture, distribute and support Raritan's marine sanitation products.

Raritan, for example, was the first company to develop a flow through sewage waste treatment system suitable for small boats, well before there were any legal requirements. That product evolved into the ElectroScan which is the gold standard for small onboard treatment systems.In the tradition of constantly improving our products and product offerings, we are pleased to introduce product enhancements and new products in our Marine Sanitation Products Catalog.


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