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Raritan Engineering Company your marine toilet supplier would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding Hobart Yacht Racing.

(August 29, 2015) – The Cruising Yacht Club of Australia announced the release of the Notice of Race for the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race and invites eligible yacht owners to enter into Australia’s premier blue water event.

Now in its 71st edition, the CYCA is predicting an international fleet of approximately 90 yachts will take part in the 628 nautical mile race, which starts on Boxing Day, December 26 at 1pm AEDT.

Bob Oatley has indicated that record holder and defending line honours champion, Wild Oats XI, will lead the charge for line honours again. This following massive modifications to keep pace with the newer yachts, such as Comanche, the year-old super maxi owned by Jim Clark and Kristy Hinze Clark, who have found the lure too strong to resist returning this year.

Others that could be enticed include George David’s December launched all-carbon maxi, Rambler 88 and Syd Fischer’s Ragamuffin 100. Anthony Bell, keen to test the improved light weather performance of Perpetual Loyal against all comers, has confirmed his super maxi will take part. For the same reason, Peter Harburg is keen to see his V70, Black Jack, on the start line.

Wild Oats XI and her crew have demonstrated again and again how effective they are. In last year’s race, Mark Richards skippered the yacht against their most intimidating competition yet, when four other hot 100 foot super maxis targeted the record holder, which went on to post the fastest time in the Transpac Race in July.

Most feared of last year’s rivals was the new Comanche. Dubbed the ‘aircraft carrier’ because it is almost double the width of Wild Oats XI, Comanche dwarfed her rival. By hype alone, the US boat and her red-hot crew must have psychologically tested the Wild Oats XI crew, but they remained unbowed and did not surrender.

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Oatley’s boat also defeated a second US yacht, RIO 100, owned by Manouch Moshayedi. The former Lahana had been under the knife and lengthened from 98 feet to 100. Two local super maxis were a newly hulled Ragamuffin 100 and Perpetual Loyal, the highly credentialed and revamped former Rambler which suffered hull delamination and retired on the first morning at sea.

Launched in 2005, Wild Oats XI took the treble of line and overall honours and race record in the Rolex Sydney Hobart that year. In 2012 she knocked 16 minutes 8 seconds of her record, setting a new benchmark of 1 day 18 hours 23 minutes 12 seconds. In 2014, she set a new record of eight line honours victories in the race, beating Morna/Kurrewa IV’s long-held record of seven during the 1940’s and 1950’s.

Tattersall’s Cup for the overall winner
Disposing of all challengers, particularly Love & War and Maluka of Kermandie, which pursued him to the finish line, Roger Hickman won his third overall victory in 2014. It was the second with his ageing Farr 43, Wild Rose, formerly Bob Oatley’s earliest Wild Oats.

Hickman has acknowledged he will be back with the 30 year-old yacht and the usual blend of male and female crew that works so well for him, as he makes his fourth bid for the Tattersall’s Cup. Awarded to the overall winner each year, it is the most coveted trophy in the race.

Marine Toilet Supplier Remembers Sydney Gold Coast Yacht Race

Another older, but revamped yacht expected on the start line, is Shane Kearns’ Quikpoint Azzurro, the S&S 34 he sailed to victory in the CYCA’s Land Rover Sydney Gold Coast Yacht Race in July. At the modern end of the scale, Chinese Whisper, the JV62 which finished second overall to Quikpoint Azzurro, will also compete.

Rupert Henry purchased the former Jethou out of Europe and launched it in Sydney five weeks before the Gold Coast race. Chinese Whisper impressed in its maiden Australian outing and will rate among the favourites.

Commenting on the upcoming race, CYCA Commodore John Cameron said: “High calibre entries are again expected from around the globe for our 71st race. At the large end of the fleet we anticipate line honours contenders that should rival past years.

“Add to that other international entries, and an interesting mix of national entries, which will provoke the usual competition for the Tattersall’s Cup.

“The Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race is an Australian fixture. It has the public spellbound from the 26th of December every year. Rated in the top two most watched sporting events in Australia, interest grows stronger each year,” the Commodore ended.

Yacht owners and their crew who meet the Corinthian criteria, as defined by the ISAF Classification code, can compete for the York Family Corinthian Trophy again.

Newly dedicated by prominent CYCA members Michael and Jeannette York, to commemorate the CYCA’s 70th anniversary and its 70th Sydney Hobart race last year, the highly prized Corinthian trophy was won by She’s The Culprit, owned by the Culprit Syndicate, who are likely starters again.

The trophy will be presented to the yacht that performs best overall under a separate performance handicap to be calculated by the application of Time Correction Factors (TCFs) as a multiplier of elapsed time. Yachts entered in the Corinthian division must also be entered into one of the other three divisions: IRC, ORCi or PHS.

The start of the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race will be broadcast live on the Seven Network throughout Australia and webcast live to a global audience on Yahoo!7 and the Australia Network throughout the Asia Pacific Region.

Entries in the Rolex Sydney Hobart 2015 close on Friday 30 October 2015 at 1700hrs AEDT.

The Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2015 Notice of Race is now online at:

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Your Marine Holding Tanks Company Weekly Tip

Raritan Engineering Company your marine holding tanks specialists would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding future alternative boat fuels powering your success.

Your marine holding tanks experts suggest that you join me as I peer into the future of fishing boats: The year is 2035. With dwindling crude-oil reserves, outcries over climate change and quantum leaps in battery technology, most cars and trucks are now electric. With no recharging stations in the Gulf Stream, the internal-combustion engine remains the power of choice for saltwater fishing boats in the 2030s. No alternatives have proven totally viable yet, but let’s look at what’s underway, and at which fuels might power the ­sport-fishers of tomorrow.

Propane Sold widely as liquid ­petroleum gas (LPG), this is the same fuel used in your backyard barbecue and many indoor forklifts. “Propane is the fuel of the future,” says Lehr founder and CEO Bernardo Herzer. “Lehr is committed to delivering the powerful, reliable and affordable engines that will take us there.”  “That means you can reduce a vessel’s loaded weight,” Herzer points out. At press time, the cost of propane ranged from $2.99 to $3.99 per gallon. DOE statistics indicate that nearly 5 million U.S. homes — largely rural residences — rely on LPG for their primary heating fuel. Unlike natural gas, propane is often stored in an on-site tank. A number of land-based filling stations, RV centers and other stores also offer LPG. “In many ways, the ­refueling infrastructure is already in place,” says Herzer. “Once there’s a demand, I believe that fuel docks will quickly adapt to offer propane to boaters.”

Your boat toilets experts know that natural gas is important for the future of fuels. This is the fuel of choice for millions of U.S. homes, and it’s used to power many modified diesel-engine buses to reduce pollution in crowded cities. The Intrepid’s fuel systems are independent of each other, offering the ability to switch fuels on the fly. The company doesn’t promote CNG as a replacement for gasoline, but rather as a reserve fuel. A GGE of CNG occupies 127 cubic feet, versus 0.13 cubic feet for a gallon of gasoline. On the plus side, the company holds out the promise of easy refueling for trailer-boaters and waterfront dwellers via fill-at-home compressors for residences equipped with natural-gas utility lines.

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Biobutanol Created in a fermentation and distilling process using renewable bio-matter, biobutanol holds promise as an alternative fuel for boating anglers, both in its pure form and when blended with gasoline. More importantly, biobutanol appears to have none of the adverse side effects associated with ethanol, such as phase separation, according to tests conducted by the National Marine Manufacturers Association in conjunction with Evinrude Outboards. There were no failures or performance issues in the testing, which included both two-stroke and four-stroke outboards, the company reported.

No one really knows what lies ahead for boaters when it comes to fuel sources, but the good news is that marine companies are exploring and offering alternatives now, with the goal of keeping anglers on the water in 2035 and beyond.

So don’t forget these helpful points on how to prepare for your future success in boating. There are alternative boat fuels within your reach. We have propane, natural gas, and biobutanol at our disposal. Lets look forward to other exciting breakthroughs in the near future.

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Your Marine Ice Makers Company’s Weekly Tip

Raritan Engineering Company your marine ice makers company would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding why investing in digital media is the key to success.

When attempting to reach new buyers, marine businesses need to be where those customers are rather than stay where they have always been and hope new customers show up. Robalo Boats knew this when launching its new 16-foot walkaround center console and decided to find a unique way to reach those people.

Robalo launched the R160 on social media as well as through traditional channels.

Your marine parts depot says that because first-time boat buyers were one of the many audiences Robalo wanted to reach with the R160, the company believed Facebook would be the most efficient way to target a younger demographic than Robalo typically attracts.

Joe Pegg, regional sales manager at Robalo Boats said, “We figured Facebook would be the best place because you do hit a really wide spectrum of customers.”

On June 16, Robalo launched the boat through four videos: an introductory video, a walkthrough, a partner video with Yamaha educating customers on outboard engines and explaining the benefits of Yamaha, and a testimonials video featuring local Destin, Fla., boaters who were given the opportunity to sea trial the R160.

The social media launch wasn’t just for consumers: Robalo’s dealers also saw the R160 for the first time on social media. Robalo alerted dealers that a new boat was being released but wanted the dealers to be as excited about the buzz as consumers.

Marine Ice Makers Agree With:

Spencer Communications, the ad agency that has represented Robalo and Chaparral for over 30 years, approached the advertising for the R160 through a three-prong attack on social media: they advertised the teaser video, the June 16 launch and the company’s Facebook page.

Mark Spencer, president of Spencer Communications, said the company boosted the Facebook posts, targeting men and women between the ages of 30 and 50 using key words such as center console, saltwater fishing, and more.

One of the largest benefits of using digital marketing is how easy it is to track a campaign’s success. Companies can also identify how many people watch the videos, how long they watched, how many people moved from the videos to other pages on the website and more.

Robalo linked the Facebook activity to the company website and has been tracking the campaign’s success on both digital mediums. The four launch videos have over 100,000 views between them and Robalo’s Facebook page has tripled its number of likes.

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Spencer said the agency followed models of social media launches from other industries to design the R160 launchSpencer added how easy the teaser campaign and launch were to execute compared to expectations. The agency created the four videos during the standard photo shoot for the R160.

Icemakers k1XNl4

Your cheap boat parts supplier agrees with Robalo who has been able to measure the success of the launch through sales as well. Pegg said several customers have already left deposits over the phone so they can secure one of the first R160s off the line.

Pegg and Spencer both said social media launches would be something Robalo considers again in the future but that much of their advertising decisions are made based on the product.

“We’ve seen the value in investing in getting those product launches and instead of following traditional channels of launching,” said Spencer.

So don’t forget just how valuable investing in digital media can be to your success… using Facebook to reach those demographics that the usual methods just don’t reach.

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