Protect your valuable equipment by installing strainers to prevent debris from entering and damaging your onboard systems.

Fresh and Salt Water In-line Strainer

Raritan’s In-line Strainer, Fresh or Salt Water. Prevent debris from getting into electric diaphragm or impeller pumps, very low flow restriction.

  • Prevents debris from entering pump intake
  • Works in any position
  • Ideal when remote mounting away from pump is needed for easy service access
  • Transparent inspection housing
  • Twist off bowl
  • Compatible with salt or fresh water, meets FDA standards for potable water

A spare basket or screen should always be purchased at the same time. A spare screen or basket makes clean-out easier. Just remove the dirty one and install the clean spare one. The line is back in service quicker and the dirty screen can be cleaned or replaced later. Remember, nothing is quite as useless as a strainer without a basket or screen. If the basket breaks or gets lost or damaged, the line is out of service until a new one is located, purchased and installed. Having a spare on hand avoids this downtime problem.