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The design of Raritan marine toilets / heads are derived by the needs and requirements of our clients, boaters and sailors. All Raritan marine toilets for boats have low water consumption, are easy to operate, maintain, clean and provide years of service, even in the most extreme environments. All of our electric toilets also have low power consumption and low noise levels. All Raritan toilets have a provision to retain water in the bowl which provides an odor free installation, creating a water seal, which is the most effective way to prevent waste gases from coming back to head compartment from sanitation hoses and holding tank. All Raritan electric toilets are available with choice of fresh water or raw water flushing. Fresh water flushing prevents the odors generated by raw water organic materials such as seaweed getting trapped in bowl rim.

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Manual Marine Toilets

For those who want to conserve their fresh water and use raw water for flushing while at sea, Raritan has our Sea-Fresh option available for all of the electric toilets. Our Sea fresh option allows use of raw water flushing while in use and fresh water flushing before short term or long term storage or at dock where plenty of fresh water is available. Raritan marine toilets, as well as all of our products come with the legendary Raritan customer service support. Customers can call Raritan customer service for entire life of product and speak to technical support personal free of charge. Average wait time for speaking to “live person” is less than a minute. All parts for Raritan toilets are stocked in US and available for same day shipping if necessary, but most orders for Raritan toilets as well as our other products are shipped within 24 hours, after receipt of order. Raritan has been leader in marine toilet innovations for over 50 years. Raritan was the first to use engineering polymer for manual head PHII instead of bronze. Raritan was the first to introduce a “macerating” toilet with the Crown Head. Raritan introduced a Chlorinator/Macerator, which was the first sewage treatment available for boats and was available in marine application even before the EPA regulation for Marine sanitation devices was introduced. Our one piece china Atlantes toilet using household type handle operation was first introduced by Raritan. Our small foot print Marine Elegance toilet using less water and low power in its class was a first for the Marine Industry. Using Vortex-Vac technology to eliminate remote vacuum pumps is also one of the elements that are unique to Raritan toilets. A unique mounting arrangement offered in our Marine Elegance is another first in the boating industry. Raritan electric toilets utilize a diaphragm pump instead of short life rubber impeller pump for inlet pump is only available on Raritan toilets which uniquely distinguishes us from our competition. Touchless flushing for marine electric toilet was a first in marine industry and exclusively available from Raritan. Raritan was also the first manufacturer to introduce Fresh water flushing in our manual FRESH HEAD toilet. Raritan is the only manufacturer to offer a choice of Sea and Fresh water flushing in same toilet with just a flip of a switch. All toilets are easy to clean and maintain. Certified Installers NOT REQUIRED. They can be used with Electro Scan, Purasan or Lectra/San Type I MSD’s or Managerm Type II. Raritan is still the most dependable name on the water when it comes to reliability, service and innovation.

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Things to Consider

Marine Sanitation Devices (MSDs) and Waste Treatment Systems – Any boat with an installed toilet must have either a Type I MSD which treats the waste and makes it safe for overboard discharge, a Type II MSD used for the same purpose as a Type I but treats to higher standard and is typically designed for vessels over 65′ or a holding tank Type III MSD. All waste water inside the three mile limit requires treatment or holding of the waste. A complete list of Federal No Discharge Zones can be found on the EPA web site. Power Consumption – When choosing high quality marine products such as a marine toilet, remember to look at overall power consumption. Many manufacturers make claims that their units draw very low amps. A low amp draw for a long period of time means overall consumption may be higher than a unit that draws more amps. Water Use – Very low water use normally equates to poor performance when removing anything other than liquid from the bowl. The easier it is for people to use your boat toilets means the less trouble you will have with it.

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