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Your Electric Toilets Experts Share How to Get You Through Those Hopeless Situations 

Raritan Engineering your electric toilets professionals would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding how to survive a mast breaking on you.

Your electric toilets analysts say that after days of poor wind, the forecast finally calls for winds of above ten knots, with things getting pretty crazy later in the evening. I decide that it is time to skip out early on work and head down to the club. I ask my sailing buddy (and co-2nd vice) Chris Lalau Keraly if he’s up for a sail, to which he replies “Screw science, I’ll be there at 3:30!” 

Your marine supplies Tampa specialists understand that the wind is coming from the north, so as soon as we get away from the dock, we hoist the gennaker and take off towards the toilet basin on a broad reach. Before getting too close, we jibe and start making a beeline for the southwest corner of the senior dinghy area. The windspeed seems to be varying between 10 and 15 knots, pretty patchy at times,  but we get in a good enough run with me at the tiller.

Near the southern boundary of the senior area, we douse the kite and start beating back up towards the Berkeley fishing pier. I let our novice crew member take the helm,  and he does an admirable job of harnessing wind and wave to get us back upwind. 

Fortunately, nobody is hurt by the falling mast. We quickly drop the anchor to assess the situation: we are about a mile to the west of the Ashby Shoal, the boat is not sailing anywhere in its present state, and we’ve got about two hours until sunset. As Chris starts detaching the sails from our mast with the help of our third crew, I try to raise the Cal Sailing dayleader on the radio.  

Your Electric Toilets Specialists Discuss How to Not to Lose the Big Race

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Your electric toilets experts know that breaking masts is an expensive and dangerous proposition — what could have been done differently to avoid this accident? I believe the most important lesson to be learned from this experience is that equipment cannot be checked often enough. 

As summer approaches, so too come the big winds, and the potential for more broken masts. Your marine supplies Seattle professionals feel that while equipment failure can happen to anyone, we all can work to minimize the risks of it happening: thoroughly check  equipment, and sail only in conditions that you, the boat, and the crew can handle. Here’s hoping that we keep broken masts to a minimum this season.

Broken mast: How do you get home in one piece without tearing your sail to shreds you ask? Your marine supplies New Orleans analysts know that it’s time to do the on-water-derig; a seemingly complicated maneuver but once you’ve got the basics down it’s very straightforward and an important safety procedure to remember. Firstly, sit on the middle of your board with one leg over each side in the water for balance, then detach the sail from the board. 

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