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SaniFlex Odor Shield Hose

Sani/Flex Odor Shield sanitation marine hoses are designed especially for marine toilet and holding tank plumbing. Sani/Flex Odor Shield marine hose is different than other offerings on the market in a number of ways: Sani/Flex hoses have excellent impermeability. A special white butyl rubber compound is used, to stop sewage odor from escaping the hose. It is 15 times more resistant to odor permeation than standard PVC hose, and carries a 5 year warranty against odor permeation. Sani/Flex Odor Shield marine hose are extremely flexible. It will bend on a radius of 3.15″ without kinking. It can easily be installed on standard hose barb fittings without excessive effort, with no need to heat or lubricate the hose. These are major benefits for all installation mechanics who have spent long, difficult periods of time wrestling with other brands of sanitation hose. Sani/Flex Odor Shiel marine hoses are reinforced. It contains a double steel wire helix reinforcement imbedded in the butyl rubber, plus a synthetic textile yarn, to resist bursting from high pressure and/or clogs at fittings. It is rated for 315 PSI burst pressure. It is also extremely resistant to collapsing from pump suction and/or vacuum applications.


Sani/Flex Odor Shield marine hoses are abrasion and chemical-resistant. It has an outer-wrap of smooth rubber imbedded fabric to resist abrasion, ozone, seawater and common chemicals. An antibacterial additive has also been added to the outer wrap, to further reduce chances for odor-permeation. A methyl alcohol permeability test is the standard used by industry for testing the hose’s permeability ratings. Results follow:

Hose Type After 20 Months After 5 Years
Sani/Flex 1.8% 4.8%
EPDM 22.3% 43.1%
SBR 31.6% 61.8%
PU 31.8% 62.3%
PVC 35.2% 68.9%