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Product Name: Atlantes Freedom Discharge Conversion

$ 395.00
Weight: 8.0000 lbs
Width: 16.0000 in
Height: 13.0000 in
Depth: 7.0000 in
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This discharge conversion allows users of the older Atlantes style macerator’s to upgrade to the newest style macerator offered by Raritan.

The new macerator has proven to be extremely robust and was built with reliability and ease of service in mind. Even the best macerators occasionally have something thrown into them that should not be there. This macerator can often pass foreign objects but if not, this design will make accessing and working on the macerator much easier than the older style.

The retrofit is fairly straight forward but you will need to know what model you previously owned to be certain that you get all the necessary pieces to make the transition from old to new.

Atlantes A7, A8, A9 to AV discharge conversion 24VDC

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