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Product Name: Cleans Potties Kills Odors

$ 27.50
Weight: 3.8000 lbs
Width: 8.0000 in
Height: 11.0000 in
Depth: 8.0000 in
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Potty Pack 2-22 OZ. Bottles (KO & CP)

Raritan has packaged the best toilet cleaner and holding tank treatment into one package! K.O. Kills Odors utilizes live, odor-killing bacteria which digest liquids, solid waste and paper, totally emulsifying them so there’s no need to add “tissue digesters” or other “boosters” to your system.

The bacteria in K.O. actually neutralizes the odor-causing elements in waste, effectively converting the contents of you holding tank to an odor-free product. Because the K.O. is so effective when used properly Raritan has discovered it is crucial to clean the toilet with C.P. Cleans Potties. C.P. also contains a strain of bacteria with 100% biodegradable cleaning agents that will not harm the effectiveness of the K.O. product.

For a clean and fresh smelling toilet system the use of both of these products together is crucial! Many other toilet bowl cleaners utilize chemicals that will kill the good bacteria utilized in K.O. always best to purchase both together.