Products sold for marine holding tank treatment and odor control are one of following types:

  1. Chemical based products has one of the most common actives ingredient as formaldehyde or glutaraldehyde or quaternary ammonium compounds. Some of them claim to be biodegradable but they are not environmentally friendly.
  1. Enzyme based product uses specific enzyme. Because enzyme are typically specifics to a particular a substrate, they do not breakdown all matters in sewage and requires frequent use to keep supplying catalyst.
  1. Nitrate type add nitrates to tank which help release oxygen from organic matters to keep decomposition process aerobic. Requires frequent use to keep supplying nitrate.
  1. Bio-system are based on spore or bacteria that multiply themselves once organic matter is available as food. Unlike enzyme they can adopt to varying matters like sewage or toilet paper or oils and can survive some adverse condition of chemical or temperature. K.O.( Kill Odors) and C.P. (Clean Potties) by Raritan  are bio systems.

What is Spore?

A cell made by some bacteria that is like a seed and can produce a new bacteria when organic food is available. It a dormant bacteria that comes alive when exposed to organic matter and can multiply itself.

What is Enzyme?

An enzyme is a protein that acts as a catalyst. The enzyme is responsible for accelerating the rate of a reaction in which various substrates are converted to products through the formation of an enzyme-substrate complex. Enzyme are not bacteria and cannot multiply itself.

How K.O. and C.P. works:

 K.O. (Kill Odors) and C.P.( Clean Potties)  contains multiple spore blend concentrate specifically formulated for use in a broad range of applications including the maintenance of sewage lines, improving waste degradation in holding tank and odor control.

In their natural environment, bacteria produce hundreds of enzymes in response to the organics present in their environment. They produce extracellular enzymes that break down proteins, starches, fats, oils, greases and toilet tissue into smaller particles outside the bacterial cell.

The bacteria then transport the smaller particles across their cell membrane for use as an energy source and for building of new cellular components. The bacteria detect the organics present as potential food and produce specific enzymes to breakdown these organics – it is a very efficient system.

Sewage discharge lines from toilet and holding tank systems are nutrient rich systems for bacteria. Although many bacteria can utilize these organics as food sources, it is the bacteria with the most rapid production of these key enzymes that provide the most dramatic effects.

The microbial consortium in our product produces key extracellular enzymes including amylase, cellulase, lipase and protease for fast and effective degradation of organics.

Marine Holding Tank Odor Tech Tips:

In order for K.O. to be effective we must remember these three important factors:

  • DON’T KILL IT! As discussed, KO is a live bacteria and we must not destroy it. Using chemical bowl cleaners, pine oil, alcohol or bleach based products will terminate the bacteria we are trying to grow and render KO ineffective.  When it comes time to clean the head, stick to our Cleans Potties product.  It has no chemical properties, smells great is safe for any head and holding tank system.
  • MORE OXYGEN! For KO to be most effective, it needs air.  Single, undersized vents restrict the amount of oxygen to the tank and limits its ability to thrive.  Vent sizes should be at least ¾” and if possible, add a second vent to help with cross ventilation.  If vent filters are installed, we suggest they be removed.  While this may sound counter intuitive to eliminating odor, the more oxygen the better.
  • FEED IT! Like all living things, it needs food to grow.  Holding tanks are there for a reason, don’t be afraid to use them!

Getting started:

The best practice when using K.O. for the first time is to thoroughly clean and rinse the holding tank after pump out.  It is important to ensure any residual chemical is removed from the start.  Next, flush 4 ounces per 25 gallon of holding tank capacity directly into the head.  Keep in mind the object is to get the bacterial process started in the holding tank.  If the first flush doesn’t make it to the holding tank, flush the head until it does.  That’s it!  Repeat after each pump out and enjoy your odor free system!


Do not store in direct sunlight or in your car.

Do not store below 40 degrees F.

While our K.O. product does not expire, it can become less effective over time.  We suggest you keep your supply to under one year.

DO NOT use in combination with any other products other than our Cleans Potties Product.

Our Cleans Potties product is the only recommended bowl cleaner for Raritan heads and Waste Treatment systems.