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Raritan engineering manufactures most reliable manual marine toilets for boats. Raritan was first company to use 50 years back polymer material for PH manual marine toilet to solve corrosion problems that toilet made from bronze parts had. Since then Raritan has continued to improve and introduce innovative solutions and features in Manual marine heads. It is not uncommon for a boater to continue to operate Raritan PH series heads for over 20 years with little maintenance and care.

Current products such as PHII and PH super flush manual marine head and Fresh Head manual marine toilet are developed with modern day boaters in mind. These toilets requires minimum maintenance. Lasts many years and are very efficient to flush solids and liquid. These toilets have features not common in other manual marine heads.

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Operation of Manual Marine Toilets

Operation of Manual Marine Toilets

Larger Pistons and telescopic handle:

Both, PHII and fresh manual marine head displaces large amounts of volume per flush. PH piston and Fresh Head diaphragm is 66% larger than competition’s manual head. This allows user to flush out solids and liquid in less number of strokes. For effortless pumping in most challenging plumbing installation, Raritan manual toilets offers telescopic handle which is lot easier to pump compared to T -handle or knob on the top of piston. Telescopic handle allows user to keep handle out of the way in close compartment head room.

Superior Strength parts:

Parts for Raritan marine heads are made out of high tensile strength polymer. Our pumps in marine toilet can survive most forces in unusual conditions of clogging and restrictive hose and piping. High strength pump housing also does not get scored quickly in sandy sea water flushing requiring less frequent repairs and rebuild.

Engineered Rubber parts:

For trouble free operation, proprietary material is designed for full size 1 ½” Joker valve for long period of use. Joker valve is compactable with nontoxic antifreeze for winterization. It also performs without damage with recommended bowl cleaning chemicals. Quad seals are used for piston to prevent premature scoring of housing under sandy sea water use. Quad O ring also prevents rolling of O ring, a common cause of hard pumping. Fully embedded weight in our Flapper valve won’t corrode and won’t let flapper float in water, hence no need for flip and lock. Fresh head uses reinforced diaphragm for strength and long term use.

Dry Flush:

Raritan manual marine heads can operate without bringing in incoming flush water to allow emptying of bowl. PH series has unique feature of introducing air into flush water side of piston to make dry flush effortless.

Retrofit and replacement parts

Raritan offers retrofit and replacement parts for all our legacy models making upgrades and repair economical. Raritan also have all parts for production models available for shipment same day. Repair kits and upgrade kits are reasonably priced. PH SuperFlush and Fresh Head base are direct replacement for competitive toilets


Raritan Manual Marine Toilets come with the legendary Raritan customer service support. Customers can call Raritan customer service for entire life of product and speak to technical support personal free of charge. Average wait time for speaking to “live person” is less than a minute. All marine water heater parts as well as parts for Raritan marine toilets are stocked in US and available for same day shipping if necessary, but most orders for Raritan marine toilets as well as our other products are shipped within 24 hours, after receipt of order.

Additional Things to Consider for Marine Toilets

Marine Sanitation Devices (MSDs) and Waste Treatment Systems – Any boat with an installed toilet must have either a Type I MSD which treats the waste and makes it safe for overboard discharge, a Type II MSD used for the same purpose as a Type I but treats to higher standard and is typically designed for vessels over 65′ or a holding tank Type III MSD. All waste water inside the three mile limit requires treatment or holding of the waste. A complete list of Federal No Discharge Zones can be found on the EPA web site.

Rebuild/repair costs – When choosing high quality manual marine toilet, remember to look at availability and costs of repair parts. Many manufacturers repair kit is as expensive as toilets itself and they do not sell individual parts. Why to pay for a kit when you may only need one part.

Backflow – Low quality Joker valves and flapper valve means dirty water back flowing into toilets. A good designed toilet should give you trouble free service and less frequent replacement of joker and flapper valve.

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