Your Marine Products Distributors Professionals Know the Secret to Time Management

Raritan Engineering Company your marine products distributors analysts would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding how to have better time management.

Your marine products distributors experts know that learning the secret to effective time management is one of life’s most important skills. Whether it’s nailing the to do list at the office, finding time to hit the gym on a busy day, or simply maintaining a healthy work life balance, optimizing effectiveness against the clock can unlock untold benefits in your daily life. Here, in the second of our ‘How To’ series, she reveals how the world’s best sailors manage to keep their eyes on the prize as the seconds, minutes, days and weeks tick away…

The Volvo Ocean Race is a not just a race against your rivals, it’s a race against the clock. To make the best use of your time can be the difference between feeling in control, performing to the best of your ability, or being stressed, on the edge, and distracted.

Being a professional athlete isn’t an easy life – we don’t get molly-coddled or given weeks of time off. Then, the Race Village, of which there’s one in each Host City along the route, opens – and demands fly in from all directions. The sponsor, the race organizer, the media, your teammates, and not forgetting your friends and family.

Your marine products distributors specialists know that once you cross the start line and head out into the open ocean, it’s the opposite. Time is on hold. 

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Preparation for the next monster offshore-leg starts as soon as you arrive from the previous one. 

Once you’re in the race cycle, there’s no time to develop muscle. This must all be done before the race begins, so the best thing you can do in this situation is to try and keep in shape and be healthy, physically and mentally.  

When you’re not in the gym, you’ll be preparing your kit, the boat and fulfilling the requirements of your sponsor ahead of the next leg – this will usually be in the form of media interviews.

Needless to say, to be able to make the most of this incredible event, you need to get control of your time. You need to be organized, or at least have someone to help you organize. 

Would you like to hear my advice? You need to get the personal stuff done early – pack your bag, and then get out and enjoy whichever incredible location you’re in, otherwise you miss it and your only experience of traveling the world will be various marinas and hotels.

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