Marine Sanitation Devices by Raritan

There are few things in this world that suck the joy out of boating than having to deal with problems with your boat’s marine sanitation device system. And realistically, problems with any parts of the system built for the handling of human waste are going to happen. But not to worry,there are some ways to cut back on the time and hassles that come with this nasty topic. But before you make a choice as to which marine sanitation system is best for you, our professionals here at Raritan Engineering want to discuss some basic, but important information……

First you need to ask yourself, “what does the law require of me?” Raritan Engineering, your macerating toilet experts, want you to know that all boats that operate in US waters installed with permanent toilets are required by federal law to have on board a Marine Sanitation Device, or MSD, that either stores human waste until it can be transferred ashore, or reduces the coliform count to low enough levels that discharged sewage is not going to pose any public health hazard.

This brings us to question #2, “what is a marine sanitation device?” Marine Sanitation Devices are an extremely valuable and popular asset to own. They are put to use extensively in treating sewage water that collects on the water vessels. This amazing tool is very useful for anyone who work on ships since the MSD is designed to maintain proper marine sanitation on the ships. This device processes human waste and grey water before they are dumped into the ocean. Because of this, you will rest easy at night knowing that you are a responsible citizen that always does his or her part for your fellow humans and the environment. Your friends here at Raritan Engineering want to reassure you that this sanitation device is very easy to use. In fact, with only a couple of days of training you will be using it without any problems.

  • electroscan

  • Hold N’Treat

  • ManaGerm

  • purasan

    Purasan EX

Types of Marine Sanitation Devices (MSDs)

Marine Sanitation Device Type-1

MSD Type 1

Type I– is a an on-board treatment device using a physical/chemical based system that relies on maceration and chlorination. After treatment the treated waste can be discharged.

Marine Sanitation Device Type-2

MSD Type 2

Type II– is also an on-board treatment device that uses biological or aerobic digestion based system. After treatment the waste can be discharged. Type II systems are more often seen on large commercial vessels than recreational boats.

Marine Holding Tank

MSD Type 3

Type III– is a marine holding tank or similar device that prevents the overboard discharge of treated or untreated sewage. For Type III holding tanks:

  • Use enzyme deodorizers for holding tanks and portable toilets.
  • Pump out before you haul your boat for the winter.
  • Know where your closest pumpout stations are located, and height or draft restrictions, seasonal closures and hours of operation.
  • Consider using a pumpout boat service if one is offered in your area to make pumping out more convenient.
  • Other marine sanitation accessories are available also

By now, you are no doubt wondering, “what are the benefits of owing one of these devices?”We’re glad you asked. Here are some of the benefits of using a marine sanitation device: waste disposal becomes a lot easier; you will be able to maintain the sanitation of the Earth’s seas and oceans; the machine treats the waste products properly by breaking them down; installation is very easy and can be finished within a short period of time; and the machine needs minimum maintenance. Wow! What more could you ask for?!

Now we need to let you know what waste storage options are available to you. There are a wide variety of ways to deal with waste on board, including recirculating, composting, macerator pumps and incinerating toilets, but by far the most common are toilets plumbed to marine holding tanks. Here are your choices, direct discharge, portable toilets, holding tank without a self-discharge option, holding tank with optional overboard discharge, and a holding tank with multiple discharge options.

Now we understand that there are a few people out there that shudder at the thought of carrying around waste aboard a boat. But things in this world have changed. We all want to help keep the environment as clean as possible. It isn’t hard to do. The first step…..come to us Raritan Engineering for your next Marine Sanitation Device.

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