Marine Elegance

Smooth lines and a small foot print with the power of Vortex-vac technology make this an ideal choice for most recreational boats on the market today.


The Marine Elegance features quiet operation with unmatched rinsing capabilities. Using as little 2.5 pints of water per flush, the Raritan Marine Elegance is one of the most efficient marine heads on the market today.

Its powerful built-in shredder features a stainless steel cutting blade and can pump 10 feet vertically or 100 feet horizontally. Its one-piece porcelain construction makes it attractive, hygienic, and easy to clean. The full size toilet seat offers excellent comfort and includes a slow close lid with integrated chocks to keep the seat stable while the boat is in motion. The compact footprint allows installation in confined spaces and its unique mounting system makes installation and maintenance simple and efficient.

Multiple Flush control options are available:
The fully programmable wall mount Smart Toilet Control (STC) is attractive and easy to use. With four flushing options: Normal Flush, Water Saver, Fill Only, and Empty Only, the user can easily manage the head’s water usage and operation.
The Multifunction Momentary Control offers a compact design with options to momentarily Fill, Empty or Flush the head.
The Heavy Duty Momentary Push Button is the simplest and most economical option. Excellent choice for those seeking simple operation and do not require the ability to fill or empty the bowl independently.

Choosing your water supply:
Onboard Pressurized Freshwater models provide clean, odor free flushing. They include a water solenoid and integrated vacuum breaker for contamination protection.
Seawater models include a quiet self-priming diaphragm pump that can run dry without damage.
Our patented SeaFresh option gives users the best of both worlds. Users can use their onboard fresh water for clean odor free flushing but still maintain the ability to switch to seawater if onboard water conservation is required.

All Marine Elegance toilets are available in 12, 24 VDC or 120/240 VAC. All units are assembled and water tested in the USA. Each unit is backed with a two year warranty.
Marine Elegance Specifications

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Bowl Height

Standard, Tall

Bowl Type

Angled, Straight


White, Almond

Bowl Size

Household, Bidet

Water Source

Pressurized Fresh Water, Remote Sea Water Pump, Sea Fresh Option


12v, 24v, 120v/240v


Smart Toilet Control, Multifunction Momentary, Heavy Duty Push Button


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