Macerator Pump

Our Macerator Pump is designed to empty marine and RV holding tanks of normal waste and fish boxes of scales and residual waste. The unique dual-cut blade design ensures waste is ground up thoroughly. Marine pump out must be in proper discharge zones only.
This macerator will not handle hard objects, rags, or feminine napkins.

The optional Smart macerator control monitors pump motor and prevent pump damage due to priming failure or dry running. It also protects motor against overload. If power to control is not turned off, smart control will prevent impeller
sticking by jogging impeller once every seven days of non- use.


Technical Information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Barb Fitting, Waste Valve


12v, 24v

Macerator Pump

Optional Waste Valve Assembly isolates the waste matter from the macerator pump during maintenance. This new features allows you to remove the pump without disconnecting plumbing.

Macerator Pumps by Raritan Have the Following Benefits

  • All stainless steel bolts to avoid corrosion problems.
  • Spring loaded Viton shaft seal is used to prevent premature leaks.
  • Our proprietary rubber impeller compound allows longer dry running time.
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