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Your Boat Head Specialists Share All the Pros of Switching to a Baitcaster 

Raritan Engineering your boat head manufacturers would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding the great benefits of using baitcasters.

Your boat head suppliers talk about how preference for reel type varies by coastal region, but no matter where you fish, it’s hard to beat a baitcaster for pinpoint accuracy.

Baitcasters necessitate touch and feel that’s simply not required with spinning reels. Get past that small snag and you’ll notice levelwind baitcasters excel in lure-casting distance, accuracy with lighter offerings and even lure retrieves that require jerking actions.

A couple of fishing “hacks” to consider: If you have the dexterity, try cutting out some steps by casting with your left hand and reeling with your right. And if turning the handle on the right side of the reel — or working a lure with your left hand — proves too cumbersome, consider buying a lefty baitcaster. 

Fine-tune Your Baitcaster

Reel manufacturers make it easier than ever to prevent the dreaded baitcasting blunder: the backlash. But anglers should be intimately familiar with two parts of the reel — the spool-tension knob and the brake — to help fine-tune and adjust their casts.

Casting light lures and soft plastics with a baitcast reel requires a delicate touch and is best left to experienced hands.

With the basics of baitcasters now in your rearview mirror, check out these six inshore saltwater casters that push the envelope in technology and usability.

Abu Garcia Revo Inshore Low Profile

“We use specialized high-­performance corrosion resistance (HPCR) bearings that resist rust and debris contamination,” says Andrew Wheeler, with Abu Garcia. “Plus, a longer 95 mm handle and oversize knob adds ­additional cranking power.”

Discover Why Baitcasters Could Be Right For You

Okuma Komodo SS

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“The Komodo SS models work great for calico bass, yellowtail, white seabass and tuna in California, but just as well targeting tarpon, snook and redfish on the East Coast,” says John Bretza, director of product development at Okuma Fishing Tackle.

Quantum Smoke Series 3

Quantum engineered a 35.5 mm spool, when the average spool size is 32 to 34 mm, into a compact frame to provide anglers with increased line capacity, longer casts and more inches of line pickup with the new Quantum Smoke Series 3 (S3). To protect against salt, the company utilized premium aluminum salt-guard multilayer corrosion protection and anti-­corrosion bearings.

Shimano Chronarch G

The Chronarch G baitcaster was built with Texas wade-fishermen in mind, and is meant to tackle redfish, speckled trout and other inshore species in close-quarters conditions.

This Chronarch G model is ­saltwater safe, says Shimano’s John Mazurkiewicz, with a newly incorporated corrosion-resistant spool, something that wasn’t available on past Chronarch models.

13 Fishing Concept TX

The 13 Fishing Concept TX series baitcasters are made specifically for saltwater use.

“It’s not the design that makes reels saltwater specific, but the quality of materials and protection processes,” says Matt Baldwin, product-development director of 13 Fishing. “Our saltwater-specific reels feature Ocean Armor 2 on aluminum frames, corrosion-resistant bearings throughout the reel and attention to materials on the small parts that could be affected by the harsh saltwater environment.”

Don’t Burn Your Drag

A baitcaster’s drag system is built into its gearing. Because of this, baitcasters with high gear ratios have lower drag settings, and lower-gear-ratio reels have higher drag maxes.

“The spool turns the pinion gear, the pinion gear turns the drive gear and the drive gear holds the drag system,” says Chris Littau, with Quantum. “The fastest way to wear out a baitcaster’s drag is to force or pull line out on a heavily set drag.”

Fishing Rod Tricks For Tight Casts

While out on the water, you’re going to encounter many different scenarios. Sooner or later you’re going to have to get your lure/fly/bait into a tight spot or change up your retrieve to help entice a strike. In this article, we will go over two casts that can help you reach those tight areas (one for conventional tackle, one for the fly rod) and teach you one of the most exciting retrieves for topwater conventional lures: “walking the dog.”

If you have ever watched professional tournament anglers on TV you’ve noticed them spending a lot of time making short casts around docks, trees, weeds, etc. That’s because fish love places that give them cover from other predators and shade from direct sunlight, depending on the season.

Sometimes you can make a short normal cast to deliver your lure to these areas; other times, you’ll find that you want to get that lure into a very tight area such as under a dock, a submerged log, etc. This is when knowing how to pitch your lures becomes a useful skill.

Here’s a fun game to play to practice at home on the lawn. Use a heavy jig (1/2 oz to 3/4 oz, preferably weedless to help prevent snags). Place a hula hoop about 10 to 15 feet in front of you. In the middle of the hoop place a full pitcher of water. Once you get to the point of landing it in that pitcher cast after cast, start changing up your distance to the pitcher by taking a few steps back or forward. You can also switch to lighter or heavier jigs if you really want to have fun with it.

The best time to target bass with this retrieve is just after the springtime spawn and into the summer months when they are most active in shallow areas. Keep a close eye on your lure, too; this method of fishing usually leads to some of the most dramatic bites you’ll ever see. Often you’ll even see the fish jump out of the water to attack your lure.

To start, make a normal cast and leave a small bit of slack in your line. Give your rod a short quick jerk and then reel up some of the line on the spool, making sure to leave some slack in the water, then jerk the rod again in the same direction. 

The bow cast is great to use in areas with heavy cover for distances up to 20 to 30 feet. To do the bow cast, strip a small amount of line off your reel (roughly the amount for the short distance you want to cast to).

Practice this cast at home on your lawn to get a good feel for the right amount of rod tension and distance that you can hit accurately.

Here’s a fun casting game you can do at home to help you practice this cast. Take a hula hoop and hang it from a tree. Hang it just high enough so the bottom of the hoop is either touching the ground or just above it. 

Don’t forget these great tips for fine-tuning your baitcaster. 1) Become intimately familiar with two parts of the reel — the spool-tension knob and the brake;  2) casting light lures and soft plastics with a baitcast reel requires a delicate touch and is best left to experienced hands;  and 3) avoid the backlash.

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Your Boat Head Specialists Discuss Some of the Best Ways to Make Profit While On Your Boat

Yes – your boat head manufacturers talk about how it’s definitely possible to make money while living and traveling around the world on a boat. But the question is, just how much can you make and how can you make it?

Creative Ways to Make Money while Cruising and living aboard a Sailboat. I talk about all of the in and outs of Youtube, Patreon and Vimeo. Even more fun we talk about all of the people we have met along our cruising adventures and how THEY make money while living aboard.

At the time of writing this, I’ve been living on our sailboat in the Mediterranean full time for the last year. I’ve met a variety of people doing an assortment of things to make money (and find ways to minimize the amount of money that’s spent).

Your Boat Head Distributors Give Helpful Suggestions On How You Can Afford to Sail More Often

How to make money while sailing around the world…

1. Work for six months and then sail for six months

Now that I know about this option I wish I knew about it before we left for our world adventure! I had no idea that people worked during the winter months and then took six months off to sail around the Mediterranean or Caribbean. Looking back, I think that would have been a better way to ease into the live-aboard lifestyle.

Be sure to find marine toilets here at Raritan Engineering, your #1 expert in marine sanitation supplies.

2. Find a work-from-‘home’ job

The work-from-home trend is still on the increase. I imagine it will exponentially increase. More and more companies see the value in having employee’s work from home. There are a couple of people in the marina, that I’m in now, that appear to work from home but they’re really working from their boat.

3. Consultancy – on land

If you have the skills to do consultancy – perhaps a past record of success in a particular field – you can potentially pimp yourself out (infrequently) to do some consultancy projects.

4. Consultancy – on the sea

Again, if you have a set of skills that do allow for consultancy, the possibility exists to set up an online consultancy service. There’s a photographer in Greece I stumbled upon that teaches other photographers how to make money online.

5. On-line project based work

If you can write, edit, design, program, transcribe, research, and any other work that can be done online, you can find thousands of opportunities on the Net. Check out websites like (now called just to get an idea on online projects. For this particular website ‘clients’ post a job that they want completed and you can bid on the job. If you win, you fulfill the requirements and then get paid.

Finally, as mentioned at the top of this article, I have an updated version of this article. The update accounts for three years of making money while I sail rather than just my first year. I know far more now than I knew when I wrote this.

How to Ditch Your Corporate Job and Make Money While Sailing the World

One of the top questions people get when they quit their jobs to travel the world by sailboat is this: how on earth do you afford it?

Melody DiCroce, sailing live-aboard since 2012

I’ve been following Melody’s journey for awhile now, as her blog, Saving to Sail,  goes into ways to make money while cruising. She’s been living aboard since 2012, when she and her husband sold their house and their stuff and moved onto the boat to pursue his life-long dream of cruising. At first, Melody was apprehensive about living on a boat, but now, she can’t get enough of it.

How she makes money

Melody lived aboard while working at a full-time job for the first several years, working for Ramit Sethi, an entrepreneur and NY Times bestselling author.

“I learned a lot from him about money management from his book, I Will Teach You To Be Rich. I made a nice salary and put back as much as I could from my paychecks.”

When they finally cast off this January to sail full-time, she put a lot of irons in the fire. Her biggest source of income is from freelance work, doing writing, web design and copy editing. But she also makes money elsewhere.

Her advice to other sailors

She said if you want to quit your job, you should make sure to have two to three different ways of making money in case one disappears.

And if you’re opening an online business:

“Always tell the truth. No matter what. Run your business with integrity, because that’s when you get the customers who will bend over backwards to buy from you. Trust is a huge thing, especially online these days, so I’m extremely grateful that my audience trusts me. I’d rather have their trust than their dollar. If they trust you, the dollars will come organically.”

Elin Rose, sailing in the Azores Islands

Elin Rose is a 27-year-old Icelandic woman who caught the sailing bug in 2010, when she moved to Lisbon, Portugal to work at her first interior design job. She learned to sail on a river that runs through Lisbon, and fell in love with the sea.

Love sailing? Love living small?

She struggled at first, starting several businesses, none of which worked out. But, she managed to get onboard a sailboat and sailed for three months in the Azores and Madiera islands.

“I realized I had to find a way to work online and continue sailing. I made many friends and met a lot of sailors, yachtswomen and men that inspired me to join their tribe!”

How she makes money now

Elin has now found several ways to make money while also pursuing her dream of sailing.

“I started out on Amazon by finding products to sell and label them under my brand. There were a few ups and downs, but eventually I cracked the code and the business grew month by month,” she said. “It quickly expanded into Ebay, and other sales channels and before I knew it I was a full-time internet marketer with a huge email list of customers all over Europe!”

Her advice to other sailors

Elin said she had zero online business experience when she started out pursuing her dream, and she learned by reading books and listening to interviews.

So don’t forget these great tips on how to make money while sailing. 1) You can work for 6 months and sail for 6 months;  2) you can find work from home;  and 3) have online project based work.

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Boat Head Dept Discusses: Jaw Dropping Celebrity Private Yachts

When you are the world’s biggest stars you can travel the world in style and comfort that most common people can only dream about If it is for business or pleasure these stars spent a fortune buying their private yachts and jets, customizing it to their needs and desires and making sure the world knows it. A few have the flight bug and not only pilot their own jets, they also collect them. Others prefer the ocean and crystal clear waters and built a floating hotel on water that has all the latest gadgets and luxuries. Either way, we can only assume their financial advisers are not too happy about it as both Yachts and Jets are not considered a smart investment.

Oscar-winning actress and philanthropist Angelina Jolie owns a Cirrus SR22 plane and recently obtained her pilot’s license. It’s not likely that she will be able to take all of her family on a joyride but it is very helpful when you need to get to important meetings and beat LA traffic.

It seems that his role in “Top Gun” left him with a passion for aviation and so, Tom Cruise is the proud owner of a Gulfstream IV, a business jet able to accommodate up to 19 passengers and 2 crew members.

He is one of the biggest names in Hip-Hop for over 3 decades so you better be sure that FKA Puff Daddy knows how to treat himself. This lush beauty on the water requires 10 staff members on board and can host up to some big parties with a projector screen, stage, and a party floor with a built-in bar.

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Boat Head Dept Reports: ‘He sacrificed his own life’ says friend of Lake Anna boating accident victim

SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTY, Va. — The man killed in a boating accident Saturday on Lake Anna in Spotsylvania County is being credited by friends for saving lives by sacrificing his own.

The body of Charles William Bowen, 53, of Orange, Virginia, was recovered several hours after the Saturday evening incident on the water where two children on inner-tubes were hurt.

“They had just left the dock and were going home real quick, wanted to get a few things from the house and then they were going to come back and watch the fireworks,” said Bowen’s friend Mark Breeden.

Breeden said his friend of 27 years was in the boat with a young man named Robert who was like a son to him, when he noticed a boat in his path.

“Two [people] in a boat made [an] evasive move to avoid another boat heading in their direction, ejecting both occupants from the boat,” a preliminary investigative report from the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries read. “The boat then proceeded to run over the line of two minors on tubes that were being towed by a separate boat.”

“He had to make a decision,” said Breeden. “He said hold on Robert and he turned the boat as hard as he could to avoid any kind of accident.”

The children on the tubes were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries, the report indicated. Robert also suffered a non-life threatening injury.

“Chuck did everything he could to save those kids on that tube.  I don’t think they are here today if it’s not for Chuck, I think he sacrificed his own life,” said Breeden.

Chuck was pulled from the lake several hours after the accident while his sons and Breeden painfully looked on.

“Everyone was very upset his sons would not leave the lake. They wouldn’t go anywhere until they found their dad,” said Breeden.

“There were probably 50 people at the house when the boys finally did come home,” he added. “Like I told his boys, we didn’t lose Chuck, we still have him in our heart and in our minds. All the memories he gave us will live on forever.”

Breeden says Saturday was the first time this season Bowen was able to get his boat on the water after he made repairs to it. Breeden and his family were invited to join Bowen for fireworks on the water.

“Very good chance I could have easily been on that boat. It may have been different, I like to talk, so I may have held him up,” said Breeden. “I’d like to think he’d still be here if I was on that boat.”

Friends say Bowen has lived near Lake Anna for 18 years with his three sons.

“His sons were Kevin, Matt and James and Robert was like a son to him,” said Breeden. “What Chuck did was for his boys, it wasn’t for him.  He worked so hard to set his sons up,” he said.

His sons say he had the biggest heart of anyone they knew and he was dedicated to his work as a Matco tools distributor after a career as a master auto technician.

“He loved motors, working on stuff and he loved selling tools,” said Breeden.

Breeden says he was always someone you could count and led by example.

“He was a great leader of men.  He meant a lot to me he was like a brother, great friend,” said Breeden.   Whenever you had a problem Chuck was the first guy there to help… just a huge loss for everyone,” he said.

Breeden said his friend would not want his loved ones to grieve.

“He said if I die, don’t you put me in a box, I want to be cremated and throw my ashes over the ocean and you have a big party.  So, Chuck would want us to all be partying and celebrating his life.” said Breeden.

In an 11-minute Facebook Live video recorded shortly after the crash, a witness reported the boat was “spinning out of control” with no one inside.

“I saw this yellow boat screaming [past me at] about 70 plus miles an hour, so me being a jet skier, I like to chase these fast boats and jump the waves, but I couldn’t catch it no matter how fast I went,” witness Justin Armel said. “Next thing you know, I saw the boat go up in the air [and] come down.”

Armel, 40, of Winchester, said he did not see the actual crash, just the moments before and after.

“The people [in the boat] were having a great time as they sped by us,” he said. “I just thought it was going so fast [and] they hit a wake and flew out. Then the boat just started spinning out of control in circles.”

Bowen’s boys say their father’s boat did not even reach speeds of 70 miles an hour.

“He grew up on the water, knew the lake very well knew how to drive a boat very well,” said Breeden.

Investigators said alcohol was involved in the incident and charges in this case were pending.

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Evinrude engineers had the goal of creating easy-to-use technology.

Raritan Boat Head Suppliers Give Info to Help You In Your Navigational System Purchase 

Raritan Engineering you boat head distributors would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding the pros and cons of joystick piloting systems.

Evinrude’s new iDock joystick docking system is designed to give experienced and first-time boaters confidence at the dock.

Your boat head manufacturers talk about how that was the goal of Evinrude Outboard Motors, a division of Bombardier Recreational Products, as the company said today that it is introducing the Evinrude iDock joystick piloting system.

Your marine products for sale experts share how the intuitive, integrated system will be available this fall for boaters who own or purchase twin Evinrude E-TEC G2 150-hp to 300-hp engines.

In addition to providing experienced captains and first-time boaters alike with 360 degrees of confidence when docking or maneuvering in close quarters, Evinrude has ensured its latest technology is accessible for all components of the system, from the joystick to the rigging.

“We made the iDock system intuitive, using gyroscope sensors to help hold the heading of the boat, which corrects for wind and current automatically,” said Jason Eckman, global product manager for Evinrude. “It really gives the boat operator complete control at his or her fingertips.”

Your Boat Heads Professionals Discuss How Stress Free Joystick Piloting Can Be

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“In case you need additional thrust, you put a little more pressure on the joystick, and it moves into the boost position to give you the additional thrust you need, up to double, if necessary,” he said.

Your marine supplies near me professionals talks about how a gentle push of the joystick, and each outboard motor will automatically and independently adjust accordingly to ensure that the hull is moving in the direction and at the speed the operator desires.

Eckman said Evinrude engineers began with the goal of creating easy-to-use technology that would also be easy to own. It resulted in a simplistic design feature, which means clutter-free rigging.

Installation time is minimized, which helps keep costs down. The iDock models follow the same installation process as the Evinrude E-TEC G2 models, requiring less than an hour of on-the-water setup.

Eckman said that all helps make iDock more “attainable.”

“We know in our industry that docking is an anxiety that almost all boaters have,” he said. “As boaters, we’re spending a lot of money and we take a lot of pride in what we own, but nobody wants to look dumb at the dock.”

Your marine supplies Jacksonville, FL suppliers discuss how our test run was a short preview. Mercury will officially launch the joystick piloting system for outboards in February 2013 at the Miami Boat Show.

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Your Boat Head Specialists Share Great Tips on Keeping Your Display Panels In Great Shape

Raritan Engineering your boat head suppliers would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding the best way to maintain your display panels.

Your boat head distributors continues to discuss how touchscreen displays make marine electronics easier and faster to use than ever. Once you use a touchscreen, you’ll never want to go back to the old-fashioned push-button mode of operation. Think in terms of today’s touchscreen smartphones — would you ever want to go back to a flip phone?


If your electronics displays are bracket-mounted, remove and stow them indoors between trips. Your marine parts outlet manufacturers continue sharing how this will minimize weather exposure and thwart would-be thieves. Transport your equipment securely between the boat and storage location.


You can’t easily remove flush- or surface-mounted displays to stow them off the boat, but you can use a sun cover on them. The company that makes your display will offer a sun cover in the appropriate size for each model.


Virtually all marine electronics displays are built to an industry water-ingress standard such as IPX6 or IPX7. Yet it is still a good idea to protect both the back and front of the display from spray whenever possible.

Your marine parts near me specialists give further tips regarding how caring for a boat is a constant process. The amount of wear that normal water conditions can cause can strip paints and varnishes, and animals can fly overhead or climb on board and leave messes.

Choosing Soaps for Marine Use

Soap and water seem like a natural pairing. But soaps that are not rated for marine use can cause a number of harmful problems to the water around you. Phosphates in soaps cause algae growth that can pull oxygen out of the water and cause fish kills.

Your Boat Head Distributors Talk About Proper Cleaning Methods

Don’t forget that you can find marine supplies here at Raritan Engineering. We always take care of your marine supply needs.

Boat Surfaces and Their Care

  • Fiberglass: Your boat head experts share how fiberglass is one of the most common and easy to clean surfaces on a boat. Your marine parts depot suppliers continue discussion of how much like the exterior of a car, a good paint job, regular washing, and periodic coats of wax are all that is needed on a normal basis to keep the exterior looking good.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum needs little done to continue to look good. A regular wash is most of what is needed. The real risk with aluminum is wear due to galvanic corrosion (the kind of corrosion that boat zincs are placed to protect).
  • Other Metals: Brass, chrome, stainless steel, and other metals can be cared for on a boat if you follow a few simple rules:
    • Consider the marine habitat when using corrosive polishes to refinish. If you want to use something very toxic on something like a propeller, it would be better to remove it from the boat and relocate it to a place where the substance will not end up in the water.
    • Do not mix metals, and ensure that the more active your metal, the better protected it is (and stays).
    • Protect from galvanic corrosion with zincs. Ask a marine mechanic for help if you do not know how to place these yourself.
  • Glass: Glass is one of the most likely surfaces to show spray after you take a ride on your boat, but one of the easiest to clean. Marine rated glass cleaner works well, and many a sailor swears by saltwater and newspaper for a high-polish shine.
  • Isenglass: Though this thin glassy substance serves the same purpose as a glass window, cleaning it with anything ammonia based will ruin it forever. Instead, water and mild dish soap or boat soap is enough to keep your canvas windows looking shiny and new, and to protect your canvas from premature wear due to chemicals.

Boats are one of the best ways to spend a spontaneous weekend away on a romantic cruise or fun trip with the kids. However, unless surfaces are properly maintained, a carefree jaunt can quickly become a long work weekend.

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Your Boat Head Experts Give Young Ones The Extra Confidence Boost They Need

Raritan Engineering your boat head professionals would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding how to help you children expand their sailing horizons.

Your boat head analysts appreciate that incremental steps of empowerment builds the kind of confidence and skill that can lead a young child to successfully tackle all sorts of adventurous escapades as they grow older. 

Our cooking utensils were old-fashioned Florence oil stoves, a sauce pan and a frying pan. Your marine products for sale professionals feel that our food was Hecker’s oatmeal, eggs, potatoes, onions, pilot biscuit, bacon and canned goods. 

The cabins were so small that it wasn’t possible to sit up quite straight and of course everything got damp and moldy and there was a permanent smell of a mixture of mustiness and kerosene. 

Our first cruise was around Cape Ann to York Harbor and back. The run from York to Cape Ann is about 30 miles, and across Ipswich Bay the straight course carries you seven miles off shore. 

We anchored in Gloucester about 10 o’clock, and when we waked about five the next morning, there was Lester Monks, who was Guy’s crew, grinning down the hatch at us. 

Guy told us that while sitting steering in the dark, he kept noticing a red light that seemed a long way off. All of a sudden he was stopped by a coasting schooner looming up out of the darkness and passing very close. 

We know that learning to sail together binds you as a family. Because we’ve done it. Your marine supplies near me analysts suggest that you get to work as a team, older kids become engaged in learning something practical that also carries clear responsibilities, and you are encouraged (some might say forced?) to spend time together as a family in a small space.

To be honest, I’m an unlikely sailor. I can only tell which way the wind is blowing by a complicated system of hair flicking, I couldn’t hook a fish out of an ocean if my life depended on it, if there’s a rock anywhere I am magnetically attracted to it, and if I see a coffee shop then that’s my sailing done for the day. 

Your Boat Head Specialists Explain All the Skills You Need to Be Successful

Remember that we have all the answers to your marine product questions and that you can find marine supplies here at Raritan Engineering. 

Your boat head specialists know that there’s lots to learn with different skills for everyone to master – chart reading, navigation, sail work, steering, radio operation, weather forecasting, rope work, kayaking, anchoring, snorkeling, even diving! 

And while you should definitely invest in a recognized course with qualified instructors, you don’t necessarily need to shell out to do it in the Caribbean. Your marine supplies Jacksonville FL experts understand that the Royal Yachting Association is the UK governing body for all things boating. 

There are many ways you can learn. When we first took a boat out on our own, in New Zealand, we didn’t do a formal course. We found the sailing equivalent of a man with a van, and crammed ourselves into the tiny cabin with maps and charts. He sent us off on his own when he felt we had learned enough from him.

Here’s our suggestions for some great places you can learn to sail as a family, based on our own personal research and experience and what others have told us of their sailing adventures.

Click here to get your boat head and marine products at Raritan Engineering.

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