WARNING: Hazard of Electrical Shock.
Disconnect Power before Proceeding.

All of the procedures shown in these
documents should be done by a
qualified mechanic and or electrician only!

Removal of existing Circuit Board:
1. Remove Control Module Cover (31-460) by removing two screws located on the top (Figure #1).

2. Disconnect Control Indicator Panel Cable, wire harness (orange connector) and any other wires that may be connected to the circuit board such as the toilet Solenoid/Relay wires (if applicable) (Figure #2).

3. Remove old Circuit Board by pressing in the retaining clips of the four (4) mounting feet (Figure #2).

Installation of New Circuit Board:
1. Install the New Circuit Board. Be sure to position the New Circuit Board such that wire harness (orange connector) location is the same as the old Circuit Board.

2. Reconnect the wire harness (orange connector) to the New Circuit Board. Be sure that the connector is in its proper position.

3. Reconnect Control Indicator Panel Cable and any other wires such as the toilet Solenoid/Relay wires (if applicable).

4. Replace Control Module Cover.

5. Reconnect power.

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