Condition 1
A.) Green (normal treatment cycle) light on solid.

Indicates when the toilet may be flushed*. The light will stay on solid for the first 35 seconds of the LSTMC’s cycle, during this phase only the mixer (smaller motor) is running.* Note If using a manual toilet without the manual sensing switch or using an electric toilet on a separate circuit: Activate the LSTMC “Push to Flush” button first then flush the toilet as necessary during the period when the green light is solid, (not blinking) but not necessarily for the entire 35 second period.

B.) Green (normal treatment cycle) light on and blinking.

Indicates that the LSTMC is in the treatment phase of it’s cycle, do not flush the toilet during this phase. This cycle will continue for approximately a total of 2 min 30 sec, thus completing a normal treatment cycle.

Condition 2
A.) Green blinking and amber light blinking slow.
(approximately 1 per second)
This light sequence indicates that the treatment cycle is being extended beyond a normal treatment cycle. This condition indicates that the unit senses lower than normal amperage consumption at the electrode plate possibly due to low salt, low voltage or a mineral (calcium carbonate) accumulation on the electrode plates. Refer to LSTMC owners manual “Troubleshooting section”

Condition 3
A.) Green  light blinking and amber light blinking fast (approximately 2 per second)

This light sequence indicates a low voltage warning. The unit is receiving less than it’s minimum recommended voltage of 11.5 VDC on a 12 VDC system (23.0 VDC and 30.5 VDC on 24V and 32V systems respectively). When this is observed, all connections, wire size and power source needs to be checked. If low voltage condition deteriorates the unit will eventually “shut down” and display a fast blinking red light.

Red lights in general are an indication of a system problem. See the red light shut down section here and then if necessary on to the owners manual section.