All toilets are easy to clean and maintain. Certified Installers NOT REQUIRED.
They can be used with Electro Scan, Purasan or Lectra/San Type I MSD’s or Managerm Type II.


Things to Consider

Marine Sanitation Devices (MSDs) and Waste Treatment Systems – Any boat with an installed toilet must have either a Type I MSD which treats the waste and makes it safe for overboard discharge, a Type II MSD used for the same purpose as a Type I but treats to higher standard and is typically designed for vessels over 65′ or a holding tank Type III MSD. All waste water inside the three mile limit requires treatment or holding of the waste. A complete list of Federal No Discharge Zones can be found on the EPA web site.

Power Consumption – When choosing a marine toilet, remember to look at overall power consumption. Many manufacturers make claims that their units draw very low amps. A low amp draw for a long period of time means overall consumption may be higher than a unit that draws more amps.

Water Use – Very low water use normally equates to poor performance when removing anything other than liquid from the bowl. The easier it is for people to use your marine toilet means the less trouble you will have with it.

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