Few tasks work as effectively in the opposite direction from “making boating more fun” as having to deal with problems with your boat’s sanitation system. Problems with marine heads, macerator pumps, Y–valves, holding tanks or other parts of the system built for the handling of human waste are, well, unmentionable.

All boats operating in US waters with permanently installed toilets are required by federal law to have on board a Marine Sanitation Device (MSD) that either stores human waste until it can be transferred ashore, or reduces the coliform count to such low levels that discharged sewage poses no public health hazard…even in populated harbors. While the MSD must satisfy Coast Guard regulations, the boat owner still has a lot of choices of product types and overall system design.

Raritan Engineering offers complete line of glass reinforced nylon composite ball valves eliminate the hassle of electrolysis and corrosion, including a variety of tank monitoring options are available for almost any tank.