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Product Name: Hold N Treat System

$ 2,313.48
Weight: 43.0000 lbs
Width: 28.0000 in
Height: 19.0000 in
Depth: 22.0000 in
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The Hold N Treat System was developed as a way for boaters to be able to enter No Discharge Zones and hold waste and then treat it once it is legal to discharge overboard. In navigable waterways within the United States it is illegal to discharge untreated waste inside of the 3-mile limit. Vessels under 65’ in length equipped with a Type I Marine Sanitation Device (MSD) are able to legally discharge inside the 3-mile limit provided they are not in a Federal No Discharge Zone.

The Hold N Treat system is designed to use with either the Electroscan or the Purasan depending on which works better with the rest of the sanitation system on the boat. The 15 gallon holding tank allows for the boat to hold waste while traveling in or staying in a No Discharge Zone. The tank can be installed to allow for pumpout if an extended stay in a No Discharge Zone is planned. Once out of a No Discharge Zone the system can be changed to an automatic mode which immediately begins treating small amounts of waste every few minutes. The system has a high and low level sensor which allows for the automatic treatment once the high level in the tank is reached and then stops once the low level is reached.

While the complete system is a nice compact system with the treatment unit mounted on the end of the 15 gallon tank it can still be too large for some spaces. Because the idea of being able to hold the waste and then treat is such a popular option Raritan also offers a Hold N Treat system designed to use with your existing holding tank. The controls allow the addition of the high and low sensors to any existing holding tank and then simply choose which Type I Device wither the Electroscan or Purasan works best for your application. It may require the addition of a macerator pump as well since it is the macerator that moves the waste from the tank and through the treatment system.

When choosing which Hold N Treat is best for your application the first thing to consider is how the toilets operate. In general if you are using Freshwater to flush then the Purasan may be your best bet. If your flushing with saltwater then the Electroscan is may be the best choice. With the Electroscan full salt water is required so in fresh or brackish conditions a salt feed system is required. The salt feed system will automatically inject a saturated salt solution into the system to ensure proper treatment. The best way to respect the environment in which we all boat is to do the right thing! Hold the waste in No Discharge Zones and in poor or low flushing areas and treat it whenever inside the 3-mile limit.


The Hold N Treat is exactly as it sounds a system designed to hold the waste in a 15 gallon tank and then when in an area where treatment is allowed the user can choose to treat what is in the tank. Another option is to only treat the tank each time it reaches the full level. The flexibility of this system allows the user to either hold only or hold and then treat toilet waste.

The system is designed to either have an Electroscan or a Purasan mounted on the end of the tank and is pre-plumbed and pre-wired for simple installation. An integral macerator pump moves the waste from the tank into the Type I Marine Sanitation Device (MSD) that you choose. The tank is also equipped with a connection that allows the user to have the tank pumped out if traveling for an extended period in a No Discharge Zone.

While this system is designed as a complete drop in place system there are other options available depending on your existing configuration. Raritan has designed each of our Type I MSD’s to include the ability to “build your own” Hold N Treat system. If you already have an existing holding tank then you can purchase components necessary to turn your existing holding tank into a Hold N Treat System.

Responsible handling of waste on board is a key to preserving the environment and waters we all boat in. A full holding tank should never be discharged overboard, adding the ability to treat the waste if a pumpout is not available allows the best most environmentally friendly solution.

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