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Marine Products by Raritan EngineeringAre you looking for a marine products distributor that provides high quality, durable marine products for your pleasure boat? Are you tired of paying too much only to find out after a short period of time the performance was less than expected? Do you prefer the ease of buying online?

Then you have come to the right place! Raritan Engineering…..the answer to all your marine sanitation needs.

The marine and fishing industries are becoming more and more important with each passing day. They offer employment to millions of people and contribute to food availability throughout the entire world. This means that it is necessary to improve their facilities, both with new and creative products and services to ensure that people can work in a way that will be productive and enjoyable for all that are involved.

Here at Raritan Engineering we understand that our environment and everything around is constantly changing. But we also understand and know how to adjust accordingly, using the best technology and products at our disposal to give you the edge you need in this day and age. What more could you ask for?! Since our founding in 1958, our company has continued to excel in providing our customers with the finest in patented marine products that meet their specific needs.

Raritan’s Marine Products Distributor Line

Our product line is fantastic, and when you visit our website, you will easily see that our company truly has the best to offer. But this should be no surprise. Raritan Engineering has always been known for it’s marine parts depot. Marine Parts Depot-Electronic Aquavalve

All marine supplies you buy from us will come with our special guarantee and you can rest easy knowing that we only use the best materials and technology for your benefit. When you buy from us you will always know that you are getting the right marine product for your tailored boating needs.

The product line here at Raritan Engineering, along with our customer service is of the highest quality. You’ll always be able to find numerous marine products, including marine toilets, both manual and electric. If you’re tired of that rotten egg smell or fed up with using your shower head to flush the toilet, then you need to check out what we have to offer.

Our marine heads are designed with you in mind, providing you with the ultimate convenience. Let’s consider just a few improvements our company has made just for you. With a diaphragm type pump, as well as a telescopic handle, flushing is much easier. With our new design you can choose how much water you want to use. A lever permits the water into the bowl to pre-wet it for improved flushing efficiency. We included a built-in freshwater back-flow prevention system to contain any possible vacuum breaks. The lock-out feature also halts back-flow coming in through the discharge when it’s not in use. By doing this, we keep the cleaning products environmentally friendly.

Our marine toilets are designed with you and your needs in mind. Nothing is more important to us than you. All of our boat toilets are designed so that they have a low water consumption rate and are easier to operate and maintain. They are designed to be clean and provide long-term service even when exposed to harsh and extreme weather conditions. All electric toilets feature a low noise level providing total comfort to you, our valued customer.

All the marine toilets have a feature to keep the entire unit odor free.Marine Products-SeaEra QC Macerating Toilet Atlantes Freedom-Marine Products by Raritan Engineering It does this by creating a water seal that prevents waste gases from returning to the head compartment. This process is amazingly efficient. All electric toilets have the option of either raw or fresh water flushing. The fresh water flushing system prevents odor which is generated by the raw water organic material.

 Marine Products Distibutor-Second to None

When you buy a macerating toilet from Raritan Engineering you get nothing but the most economical, extraordinary performing electric macerating toilet available. Ours come with design features not found in any of our competitor’s units. When you need a change, Raritan Engineering is your answer. Our macerator pump design includes powerful flushing action with advanced design features. It is the perfect choice for you. Our macerator pump doesn’t just have great design, but is also eco-friendly and uses less than one quart of water. With the separation of intake and discharge, it offers protection and peace of mind, which means dirty water cannot enter bowl if the seal fails. The full-size joker valve in the macerating toilets reduces clogs.

We also manufacture world-renowned marine water heaters that are specially designed for the marine environment. marine products-marine water heaterThey provide the all the comfort and convenience of reliable hot waters that you need. Raritan’s marine water heaters also offer the sense of safety and protection you need, since they have a solid foam insulation, which means that the water stays hot longer than with conventional fiberglass insulation.

The marine hardware found at Raritan also include marine ice makers. Due to the fact that the marine environment is harsh for household type appliances Raritan has developed and designed their marine ice maker so that it would be able to withstand the vigor of the marine environment.

We take marine sanitation very seriously. The marine sanitation devices at Raritan Engineering are designed, keeping in mind the specific weather conditions they might face. Raritan has developed a flow-through system in order to treat sewage properly. The movement through system allows the tank to directly connect to the toilet which treats waste every time the toilet is flushed. The benefit of Raritan flow through systems is that you will never be holding raw
sewage, and only a partial amount of treated wastewater is discharged. Large discharges of raw sewage, which contains full marine holding tanks containing chemicals used to control odor, can be hazardous to the environment.These marine sanitation devices and other products will not just allow you to have a great time in the water, but also will save you from unneeded anxiety about damaging the environment.

Raritan Engineering is a proudly selected distributor of Tru-Design composite fittings for the United States. Tru-Design focuses on the design, manufacture and marketing of high-quality marine valves, skin fittings, ball valves, seacocks, hose nozzles and other associated products.

Marine Products You Can Rely On

Keeping in mind the potentially harsh marine environment, Raritan Engineering is constantly making progress, always providing you with the best range of marine accessories so that you can have the best boating experiences possible. So don’t waste your time and money on products which aren’t guaranteed or cause doubt to creep into your mind. Get the best marine products, accessories and guarantees from the most trusted provider around, Raritan Engineering! Contact us today.

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