Ice Maker

Raritan designed an Icemaker which can stand vigor of marine environment. Raritan icemaker will withstand high humidity and temperature exposed on deck and keep producing Ice. Embrako compressor in Raritan Icemaker is reliable and warranted for 5 years. Raritan icemaker also uses copper condenser and not aluminum condenser. Aluminum condenser are known to corrode in marine environment.

Additional partition near condenser assures that there is no recirculation of hot air back to condenser. All hardware, doors and cabinet are stainless steel to prevent corrosion. All wire connection have heat shrink sleeve to seal against salt corrosion. Evaporator is enclosed with polymer cabinet allowing easy cleaning and scraping of frost without damaging evaporator.

Positive door latch and magnetic gasket assures that door remain tightly closed under boat’s rocking motion. Door latch also allows door to lock in open position to prevent mildew and odors when not in use. Simplified controls for model 87 makes ice making process reliable. One thermostat monitors both: cabinet temperature and ice making cycle to give maximum ice production. Rubber Feet are adjustable to make installation easier for build in units.

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