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What Does Proper Etiquette Involve For You? 

Raritan Engineering Company your marine toilet specialists would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding proper sailing etiquette for rookies. 

Your marine toilet professionals talk about the etiquette of sailing involves the proper and traditional ways of conducting yourself on a boat and the rules for sailing and interacting with other boats.

Ask Permission to Board

Before you even try to climb onto a boat, find the skipper or crew and ask for permission. The correct way to ask for permission is to say, “Permission to come aboard?” This is one of the most essential rules of etiquette for sailing and is used when you want to become a guest on another boat.

Don’t Pack Too Much, Pack Smart

While packing for your sailing trip, keep in mind that you will have limited personal space and storage areas for the items that you bring. The more items that you bring, the less room there will be to move around and enjoy your surroundings. It is important to only pack the essentials plus one or two creature comforts that will make your trip more pleasant. For clothing, keep the general weather in mind and only bring the bare minimum. 

Be Safe and Keep Others Safe

Safety is critical while on a sailboat, as there is no local emergency service department to come to your aid within a moment’s notice. Because sailboats are limited in space, there is only so much protective and safety gear that can be brought aboard.

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Bring Something for Everyone

Whether you’re the host or a guest, it’s common courtesy to bring gifts for others on board. When you are the host of a sailing trip, it is a common pleasantry to bring something to share with everyone, such as breakfast. As a guest, it is also a common courtesy to bring a gift for the host and for the other guests. 

If You’re a Guest, Offer to Buy Fuel

When you are a guest on another sailboat and were invited to go on the trip, it is appropriate to offer to buy fuel. Ask the host while you are still at the marina if you could pay for the fuel that the boat needs before leaving the dock. You could also offer to pay for the fuel at the next fueling station. Offering to pay for the boat’s fuel is a simple way to show your appreciation to the host who invited you to come along.

Ask to Use the Head

Ask to use the “head” before using it. The “head”, also known as the boat’s toilet, requires proper operating instructions so that you do not accidentally cause a clog or overflow. Be sure to not discard excessive amounts of toilet paper, as this may cause a clog. 

Don’t Be Messy

With the limited amount of space on the sailboat, keeping everything in its proper place is essential to everyone’s safety and comfort. Avoid making a mess. If a mess does happen, take the time to clean it up properly. If a liquid has spilled, keep everyone out of the area until you clean it. 

So don’t forget these great tips for showing proper etiquette while sailing. 1) Ask permission to board;  2) don’t pack too much, pack smart;  3) bring something for everyone;  and 4) if you’re a guest, offer to buy fuel.

88-Yr-Old Has Lived on a Cruise Ship For the Past 10 Years

Have you ever taken a vacation that was so great you never wanted to leave? What if you could figure out a way to stay there for the rest of your life?

For Lee Wachtstetter, that vacation was aboard the Crystal Serenity cruise ship, and she has it all figured out.

“I started frequent cruising. But I got very, very tired of packing and unpacking. So I said, there’s got to be a better way to do this,” Wachtstetter explained.

Mama lee has already experienced the hardship of raising children and traveling. She aims to spend her twilight years relaxing.

“Everything is ‘Been there, done that.’ If I’ve been there and done that, I don’t go off the ship,” she explained.

“And I love it when everybody goes touring. I got the whole ship to myself with all the help.”

For about $175,000 a year, Wachtstetter cruises around to tropical locations without a care in the world. “I think I live a fairy tale existence,” she admitted.

Mama Lee has written a memoir titled “I May Be Homeless, But You Should See My Yacht,” documenting her life of luxurious travels. “It’s not a real life, I realize that. Not everybody does this. But a lot of people could.”

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Your Marine Toilet Specialists Share How to Successfully Make Cell Phone Calls While Out on the Water

Raritan Engineering your marine toilet distributors would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding how to maximize WiFi and cellular reach while boating.

How can I send and receive emails or texts when I am on the boat and away from the dock? Your marine toilet suppliers talk about how one way is to maximize your Wi-Fi and cellular reach by linking your mobile device with specialized range extenders from companies such as Digital Antenna, Aigean Networks, Shakespeare, Wave WiFi and WeBoost.

You can also use satellite messengers such as the ACR 406 Link, which lets you use your ACR EPIRB or PLB to send short pre-written messages (e.g., “I’m here, I’m OK”) along with your position to family or friends.

The SPOT Gen3 can deliver emails and position reports via the internet and SMS to a computer or cellphone. You can also save a track of your trip for future reference.

Each satellite device above requires an annual subscription and has an emergency SOS Mayday function.

How to Email and Text While at Sea

Want ways to send and receive emails and texts while at sea? Here are products that can help.

WebWatch WC-1 by Shakespeare is a mini antenna dome (12 by 12 inches) that combines Wi-Fi and cellular signal amplifiers in one housing with cell speeds up to 4G standards. It is smart enough to automatically switch from cellular to a Wi-Fi connection when within Wi-Fi range to save on airtime costs.

See your choice of marine toilets here at Raritan Engineering, where we take care of all your marine sanitation supply needs.

Tip: Be wary of Wi-Fi-product range claims because performance can vary widely. Also, you may not always experience optimum speeds at all times. On a busy boating day, high Wi-Fi activity can slow connection speed.

Safety First

The most important feature of a satellite communicator is the ability to send an emergency Mayday message to summon first responders to your location. Be advised that VHF radio coverage extends out only to slightly beyond the line of sight. 

Double Duty

As most of these satellite communications devices are pocket-size and portable, they are great to take along with you when you venture beyond cellphone coverage on land. 

Worldwide Service Extras

SkyMate M2500 consists of a fixed-mount transceiver module, external antenna, and keypad control that bundles global email, SMS, navigation, position reporting and weather forecasting with satellite imagery. 

Add Voice

The Iridium Go! is a palm-size portable hotspot that lets you make a wireless connection to your smartphone, computer or tablet. In addition to email, data and text messaging, you can update weather reports, post to Facebook and Twitter, and even share photos with friends. 

Don’t forget these great tips on how to boost and maximize your cell signal while boating. 1) Linking your mobile device with specialized range extenders;  2) you can also use satellite messengers;  and 3) spending a little more money on these products will be worth it in the long run.

Want to sail with your dog? Three sailors on how to train a boat dog

Many people can’t imagine heading out on a bluewater sailing adventure without their best friend: a boat dog. But training a dog to use the bathroom on a sailboat, and dealing with customs and immigration in various countries can be a drag.

I’ve wondered how people do it, so reached out to three awesome women sailors who’ve been loving living aboard with their canine friends. I loved learning about how people get on with their boat dog while sailing full-time.

What heart warming stories and lovely boat dogs!

Potty training your boat dog

So how on earth do you train a dog to go to the bathroom on a sailboat that’s always moving and rolling with the waves?

Kym Helwig and her husband are living aboard their sailboat in Vero Beach, Florida, and said it wasn’t all that hard to train her Sheltie, Solly. “Training him went smoothly. He’s naturally smart, and the second time I asked him to use the astroturf in the cockpit he did! Now, we have his astroturf on the cabin top and I scoop his poop regularly and throw it in the garbage.”

“Did we need turf, a carpet, pheromones? For Kala, she hated all of those things.  It was just a test of patience,” said Molly. “We were assured by vets that a dog wouldn’t hurt themselves (bladder infections, etc…) by holding it so when we were anchored in a creek overnight, we encouraged her to go with treats. 

Passing quarantine with a dog on your sailboat

Kristiann said before they started cruising they’d already lived in several countries with their dog, so they were prepared with the proper vaccinations and paperwork.

“The most valuable test you can get is a rabies titer test that checks for rabies antibodies. I keep Friday’s vaccinations up to date and research the protocol in each new country before we enter. 

“There is one country, for example, whose law is ‘any animal brought into Tonga will be destroyed’ so you must know the rules and understand the requirements and limitations,” Molly said. ” We cannot circumnavigate while we have Kala because of the restrictions in the South Pacific (technically we could by putting her in quarantine or flying her to Australia but we are not interested in doing that). 

How to keep your dog healthy and safe on deck

Kym said when her dog was small, she was afraid he’d lose his footing and fall overboard.

“We have a life jacket for him that he wore during stormy, windy or rocky conditions, just to make sure he’d be okay if he did accidentally go in the drink,” she said. “But now on our mooring ball he spends most of his time topside and is super agile. 

What about getting a dog enough exercise when doing a passage, where there’s nowhere to run or swim?

“That’s a limitation, for sure. If conditions are very calm, Friday has the run of the boat and decks,” said Kristiann. “If it’s rough, he’s clipped in or inside the salon. What we’ve found is that everyone is exhausted by being constantly underway, including our dog. 

Kymberly said her main challenge is getting the dog to the vet, but otherwise, living with Solly aboard has been a great joy.

“Solly is just wonderful to have aboard. He loves to play, and we love to play with him,” she said. “He brings some recreation and humor to our lives. I’ve taught him not to bark, a tall order for a Sheltie, but he is usually quiet.  He has alerted me a few times to something he thought was unsafe and I praised him.”

All in all, it seems like a great adventure having a boat dog, where you can share a life of freedom and adventure with your very best friend.

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Manual Marine Toilets by Raritan Engineering

Raritan Engineering manufactures the most reliable manual marine toilets for boats. Raritan was the first company to use polymer material for PH manual marine toilets to solve the corrosion problems that came with toilets made from bronze parts. Since then, Raritan has continued to improve and introduce innovative solutions and features in manual marine heads. It is not uncommon for a boater to continue to operate Raritan PH series heads for over 20 years with little maintenance and care.

Current products such as PHII and PH super flush manual marine head and Fresh Head manual marine toilets are developed with modern day boaters in mind. These toilets require minimum maintenance, they last many years and are very efficient to flush solids and liquid. These toilets have features not common with other manual marine heads.

Manual Marine Toilets- Reliable and Low Maintenance!

These toilets are made especially for you. Be sure to buy your marine toilet from us at Raritan Engineering.

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Life is better on the boat/Wood boat sign/boating  decor/Nautical Decor/lake house sign/red boat/boating plaque by InspiringDecorStudio on Etsy

Raritan Marine Toilet Distributors Give Great Reasons to Fit More Boating Into Your Schedule 

Raritan Engineering your marine toilet suppliers would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding how boating could boost your health.

Your marine toilet manufacturers talk about how boat trips are just plain good for the soul. The sense of peace and tranquility that can be restored to you while gently rocking on the waves is undeniable. Although, if you need more reasons to take a boat trip, or are trying to convince someone else why a boat trip is well worth the time, look no further.

Boat trips create bonding experiences with family and friends. The lasting memories you can make while on a boat trip are priceless. Think about watching a sunset on the water with your best friends, fishing for bluegill with your kids, or admiring the wildlife.  

A day in the sun allows our bodies to soak up a safe amount of Vitamin D. With the use of sunscreen, Vitamin D is an important vitamin that one needs in order to survive.

There is proof that being near water can naturally help lower anxiety, leading to a healthier and more relaxed lifestyle.  

Learning new boating skills can be an empowering and educational experience. When you go on a boat trip, you will always have the opportunity to learn something new.  

Boat trips allow you to unplug. In this digital age, we are always either sending a text message or checking our email inbox. Stress, insomnia, and depression have been connected to our inability to power down. When you head out for a boat ride, it’s the perfect excuse to unplug, even if it’s just for a few hours.

You are following your passion. Having a passion or hobby, such as boating (or fishing!), can contribute to your overall happiness.

Boating establishes a feeling of community on the water. Fellow boaters are known for being there to help one another and for offering words of advice.

When you go on a boat ride, you have the opportunity to broaden your range of experiences by trying different types of water sports like fishing or water skiing.

Boat trips keep you balanced. How many times have you become so consumed with work or school commitments that you neglected to set aside a day for some fun family boating? Going on a boat ride will help you keep your life in balance between work and play.  

See your choice of marine toilets here at Raritan Engineering, where we always take care of your marine sanitation supply needs.

A boat trip is an adventure. We only have a limited number of days on this amazing and wonderful place we call earth, so don’t waste any of them wondering what it would be like to boat on a different waterway or in a different state. Embrace the adventure!

There is no need to ask for your wife’s permission to invest an additional weekend break angling with the people or the best reason to inform your employer you have influenza while you go snorkeling. err, well perhaps those concepts are excusable, taking into consideration the wellness advantages that are connected with boating! We need to keep an eye out for our very own health, don’t we? Have a look at this checklist of factors where boating becomes an essential part of your wellness.

Why Boating Is Good For You

A Breath Of Fresh Air and Healthy Vitamin D

Sunlight offers Vitamin D that advertises healthy bones and is clinically proven to enhance your state of mind. Nevertheless, numerous people invest most of their days in the workplace, in the commute and also in the daily grind, that fresh air, as well as the healthy facets of sunlight, absolutely come to be an uncommon asset. 

Chance To Experience Being Off The Grid

Disconnect! Whatever that is, it could wait. In this electronic age, it appears we can not (or will not) make a step without “signing in,” breaking a selfie, sending out a message and also staying in contact with the electronic mail. Persistent health issue such as stress and anxiety, sleep problems as well as clinical depression have actually been connected to our absence of capability to power down. 

A Time to Unwind With Family/Friends

Among the largest factors in adding to your joy in life and also your general well-being associated with your social life. As a matter of fact, clinical research studies connect solid social connections to strength, a healthier appetite, lesser tension and a lot more. 

So don’t forget these great ideas on how why it could be healthy for you to squeeze more boating into your schedule. 1) A day in the sun allows our bodies to soak up a safe amount of Vitamin D;  2) there is proof that being near water can naturally help lower anxiety, leading to a healthier and more relaxed lifestyle;  and 3) boating establishes a feeling of community on the water.

New food boat sets sail on Lake Koronis

The Koronis Kafe has set sail on Lake Koronis.

The food boat will sell angus burgers, brats, hot dogs, fish sandwiches, and chicken sandwiches, with chips. They will also have pop, water, ice cream and popsicle treats, popcorn, and five pounds bags of ice (if someone needs some for their cooler).

“This is a community-building enterprise,” echoed owner Steve Peterson, another one of the 17 boat owners. “It’s been that already. It amazes me the creativity and ingenuity of the community. Out here, people do the work and don’t love the recognition.”

The main objective is not to make money but to make Paynesville a better place, Peterson added. “What the world needs is to get to know each other better,” said Peterson. “This is a little way to do it. I love that.”

A week later, at another dinner, he repeated the idea, and had five investors. “Getting people to put money into it was the easiest part of the deal,” said Peterson.

The boat was capitalized with $50,000, with Arnold captaining the remodeling work. Owners of Koronis Kafe are Mike and Ronda Arnold; Kella and Paul Bugbee; George Edmondson; Mary and Tom Hendrickson; Carol and Dick Johnson; Leo and Lou Louis; Mike Meyer; Geri and Harlan Palm; Peterson; and Jim and Vicky Torborg.

Via Craig’s List, they bought a homemade house boat, built in the late 1980s by a Stillwater industrial arts teacher, which had been based on the St. Croix River. The boat is 40-feet long and 14-feet wide, with the cabin being 24-feet long.

The boat was approved by the Minnesota Department of Health on Monday, Aug. 14. The owners hoped to have the boat in the water by the Fourth of July, as the remodeling and licensing took a longer than planned. “I can’t believe how many people have asked me about it,” said Peterson.

On weekends, depending on the weather, Koronis Kafe will be out on Lake Koronis. On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays they hope to beach on Second Island (Winther Island) for lunch, say from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. If anchored, the boat has cleats for other boats to hook onto. They are hoping the boat will be cashless. It is equipped with an iPad and a credit card reader.

If successful, the owners could add a webpage (to take email orders), they could acquire a liquor license, and other ideas in the future.

Purchase your marine items here at Raritan Engineering. We are your #1 expert in marine sanitation supplies. 

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via New food boat sets sail on Lake Koronis

Raritan Marine Elegance Electric Toilet—Simply the Best!

The first toilet in its class to offer:

-Low water usage

-Small footprint for compact installation

-One piece vitreous china bowl

-SeaFresh model allows easy switching between fresh and raw water.

New Vortex-Vac Flush Technology

The marine elegance toilet features:

-Quiet operation

-Unmatched rinsing capabilities

-Low water consumption

-Built in shredder reduces clogs

-Built in loop design eliminates odors

-Can pump 10ft vertically, or 100ft horizontally

Our Full Size Vitreous China Bowl Offers:

-One piece construction

-Full size toilet seat

-Compact installation

-Unique mounting system allows for ease of cleaning

-Reduced weight while adding additional support where needed

The Raritan Smart Flush Control Offers:

-Fully programmable, easy to use control

-Attractive wall mount design

-Flush using no water, little water, or timed flush

-Optional lock out feature when tank is full

Smart Flush Control

Now available with SeaFresh. All new control system that allows the user to easily switch between fresh and raw water.

The Raritan Smart Flush control is a fully programmable flush control. The control allows users to flush the toilet with no water, a small amount of water, or a fully timed flush. The timed flush feature can be adjusted on the panel without having to remove any components.

1) “Empty only” allows the user to evacuate the bowl by using no water. While the button is pressed the discharge pump will run, when released the pump stops.

2) “Water only” allows the user to wet the bowl prior to use or fill the bowl to a certain level to minimize water usage.

3) “Normal flush” – press the button and walk away. This function brings water in, then discharges bowl and refills to leave water in the bowl.

4) “Water saver” – press the button and walk away, uses half the water of a normal flush.

The Raritan Smart Flush Control is the most technologically advanced control on the market today. It offers the user maximum flexibility and control in an attractive wall mount design. Several programmable features are now available including an optional lock-out when the holding tank is full.

At Raritan we offer dependability where it counts.

Be Sure To Get Your Raritan Marine Elegance Toilet at Raritan Engineering.

How Does an Atlantis Freedom Marine Toilet Work?

Vortex-Vac technology creates vacuum internally so no remote vacuum pump required

  • Powerful vacuum without remote pumps
  • Less water consumption with new fully programmable control
  • Solid one piece porcelain bowl in traditional and elongated
  • Easily installs above or below waterline on any vessel
  • Sturdy stainless steel handle has “fail-safe” operation
  • Designed for commercial and recreational vessel applications
  • Sea/Fresh model available, allows user to easily choose onboard or outside water
  • 01 Models have a four function wall mounted switch including water saver, dry flush and normal flush
  • 02 Models have momentary handle operation, no timer, offering flush and dry flush options
  • 03 Models have flush handle with timed operation

Purchase Your Atlantis Freedom Marine Toilet Here

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boat behind a fence

Your Marine Toilet Experts Discuss the Best Ways to Keep Your Engine Safe Longer

Raritan Engineering your marine toilet professionals would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding how to secure your boat engine.

Your marine toilet specialists talk about how outboard-engine thefts have increased in the last six months, particularly in the Southeast and mid-Atlantic regions. Keeping your boat at home in the backyard represents of one best security steps you can take.

Unlike boat hulls, outboards are not registered with state departments of motor vehicles, so they prove difficult, if not impossible, to track, Yearn points out. That makes outboards well-suited to the black market.

Prevention Is Key

Since the chances of ­recovering a motor dwindle from slim to none once it’s stolen, the key lies in prevention. But how can you protect your outboards?

Based on tips from Gilbert and others in the marine and insurance industries, here are five ways to prevent outboard thievery. Use as many of these suggestions as possible to thwart the efforts of nefarious types.

Keeping Boat at Home

Storing your trailer boat at your place of residence, behind a locked gate, offers the greatest security. Even when you’re not home, friendly neighbors can help keep an eye on your place and notify police of suspicious activity. One important tip: Avoid posting on social media that your family’s on vacation or otherwise not home. That can tip off opportunistic thieves to an easy target.

Keeping Boat at a Storage Yard

If you’re forced to store your boat at a yard (many of which are part and parcel of boat dealerships) or in a dry rack at a marina, look for security measures aside from a fenced perimeter, locks on the gates and razor wire atop the walls. 

Parking the stern of your trailer boat close to a block wall or building makes it difficult for thieves to steal the motor.

How to Park Your Trailer Boat

The way you park your trailer boat matters. If possible, back the boat up to a concrete building or solid block wall so there’s little room for bagmen to maneuver around the transom. Don’t back up to a chain-link or wooden fence on the property line, as thieves will quickly cut through these meager defenses.

See your choice of marine toilets here with us at Raritan Engineering, where we always take care of your marine sanitation supply needs.

Benefits of Outboard-Motor Lock

A McGard outboard-motor lock (about $28) represents cheap insurance. It threads over one of the transom bolts to serve as a mounting nut, and only a specially keyed socket wrench can remove it. Otherwise, the cylinder around the lock spins freely, even in the fierce grip of a pair of channel-lock pliers.

Electronic Security for Boat

Companies such as GOST, Siren Marine and SPOT offer the ability to monitor your boat and motors around the clock with onboard sensors (both wired and wireless) that connect to apps on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

These systems offer tracking devices which can be hidden under the hood of your outboard. It activates with movement and alerts you via text and email, then uses satellite technology to track the location of the outboard.

Electronic security systems, such as those from Siren Marine, can alert you via a mobile device if someone tampers with your boat.

False alarms from animals, such as guard dogs and foraging raccoons, plague some systems using motion detectors, but adjusting the sensitivity can resolve this issue. Siren, for example, calibrates its motion sensors according to body mass. “This allows it to distinguish between humans and smaller creatures to eliminate false alarms,” Harper says.

Sensors can also take the form of pull-switch cables connected to motors or other valuable onboard equipment. Disconnecting or cutting the cable activates the sensor. These can be placed in small, common items, such as canvas snaps that activate when someone unbuttons the boat cover.

Put these security measures to work in and around your boat to protect yourself from becoming a victim amid the rising number of outboard thefts.

Cajun Navy rescuer says looters shot at them, tried to steal boats

Texas National Guard and Texas Task Forces have rescued an additional 10 people follow hurricane Harvey via hoist on Blackhawks toda

HOUSTON — A rescuer for the famed Louisiana Cajun Navy says looters tried to steal their boats and fired shots at them while they were trying to save Houston residents from flooded homes.

Clyde Cain told CNN that a boat broke down, and while the crew sought shelter in a delivery truck, people tried to steal the inoperable boat.

“They’re making it difficult for us to rescue them,” he said. “You have people rushing the boat. Everyone wants to get in at the same time. They’re panicking. Water is rising.”

The Cajun Navy initially made the announcement in a Facebook post Monday afternoon, but the post was later removed.

“There’s looters out here, as in any time you have a natural disaster or catastrophe,” Cain said. “We’re OK.”

Because of the hostile responses, the Cajun Navy has been forced to halt some rescue attempts, Cain said.

Citizens with boats in Texas get to work after Harvey to ‘go try to save some lives’.

The Cajun Navy formed a year ago amid historic, devastating floods in the Baton Rouge and Acadiana areas.

It’s a group of men and women who own boats and go out into flooded areas to help stranded people and perform other disaster relief services.

They  mobilized over the weekend as Houston and surrounding areas began to experience devastating floods.

Earlier Monday, WGNO spoke with Houston resident Tasha Seeb, who used to live in New Orleans.

She’s been running a Cajun Navy dispatch center from her Houston home ever since she had to swim home Saturday night. Here’s what she had to say about the heroic rescues:

So don’t forget these great tips on how to keep your boat engine safe. 1) Storing your trailer boat at your place of residence, behind a locked gate, offers the greatest security;  2) If possible, back the boat up to a concrete building or solid block wall so there’s little room for bagmen to maneuver around the transom;  and 3) think about investing in a security system.

Purchase your marine items here at Raritan Engineering. We are always your #1 expert in all marine sanitation supply needs.

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Photo of boating on the Puget Sound

Your Marine Toilet Supplier Discuss the Great Standard of Living That You Can Look Forward To

Raritan Engineering your marine toilet professionals would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding the best boating retirement towns in your future.

Do you daydream about life after working? Would you like to move to a boating paradise once you’re free of the daily grind? Your marine toilet specialists discuss that here are 10 boat-friendly American communities — from sleepy to hopping — to get your imagination fired up.

If you’re an avid boater, chances are you’ve begun thinking about The Dream, to eventually move to a community close to the water, where you can go out on your boat whenever you want. Bill Berens is doing that right now. 

“We’ve been thinking about this for 10 or 15 years,” says Berens, who’s been a weekend boater on Aquia Creek, a tributary of the Potomac River just below Washington, D.C., for three decades. “We decided to make it happen.” When the Berenses finally leave the Potomac area, they’ll enjoy year-round boating and decidedly lower berthing and maintenance costs. 

See your choice of marine toilets here at Raritan Engineering, where we always take care of your marine sanitation supply needs.

Choosing Isn’t Easy

Berens isn’t alone in his enthusiasm for looking for a new place to live after retirement. The number of U.S. workers who leave their current hometowns after completing careers may have declined since the 2007-2008 recession, but 16 percent of baby boomers surveyed by the MetLife Mature Market Institute last year still plan to seek new digs once they stop working full-time.

“Do your research thoroughly,” says Susan Garland, editor of Kiplinger’s Retirement Report, which specializes in post-career planning and decision-making. Overlooking special needs — such as quality medical care or major airports if you’re going to travel — can spoil a seemingly good choice, she cautions. 

Surf the Internet. Get phone numbers of key sources, such as the local chamber of commerce, real-estate firms, marinas, marine-supply stores, and boating organizations. If you like what you see on the web, call and ask about the availability, quality, and price of the items that interest you. Check the length of the boating season, climate, and how vulnerable the area is to hurricanes and storms. 

Study your finances with a financial planner. A professional will help figure out how much you’ll really be able to spend, including moving, slip space, maintenance, repairs, and so on.

Spend time in the community. Visit the local yacht club, chamber of commerce, and some marinas; ask about prices (for slips, standard boat-maintenance tasks, winter storage), boatyard rules about DIY, maintenance, yacht-club membership, and so on. Visit places they recommend.

Visit several towns or cities. Ask everyone you meet about living costs in that community. What are income taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, and boat-related taxes like? 

Before you seal the deal, have your spouse, or (even better) a family member who’s less keen on your proposal, play the devil’s advocate and ask tough questions that you’ve been avoiding while you’ve been planning. 

Today’s retirees are a far more energetic and fit population than at any time in our country’s history. The 10 communities we feature this month are just a few of the interesting American retirement destinations for this vigorous new generation of boaters.

Don’t forget to purchase your marine items here at Raritan Engineering and see how we always take care of your marine sanitation supply needs.


via 10 Great Boating Towns: To Retire + Play + Thrive!

Image result for Don't text and drive your boat

Your Marine Toilet Distributors Talk About Safety Awareness Tips While Boating

Raritan Engineering your marine toilet experts would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding the need to avoid distractions while boating.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Commission says that sending or reading a text takes your eyes off the road for five seconds. Your marine toilet professionals share why on waterways across the country, recreational boaters know that five seconds is a world of time to get into trouble. 

Good news/bad news: “Cellphones are the primary communication device for many boaters,” said BoatUS Foundation Assistant Director of Boating Safety Ted Sensenbrenner. “So while they’re important to all of us, we have to know how to use them wisely.”

The stress of it all: Adding to the challenge and unlike automobiles, says Sensenbrenner, is boating’s unique stressors of sun, glare, wind, waves and vibration. Research shows that hours of exposure to these boating stressors produces a kind of a fatigue, or “boater’s hypnosis” which slows reaction time almost as much as if you were legally drunk. 

4 tips to improve situational awareness: Cell phones, alcohol and other factors can hinder knowing what’s going on around you, or your “situational awareness.” 

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Funded primarily by donations from the more than half-million members of Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS), the nonprofit provides innovative educational outreach directly to boaters and anglers with the aim of reducing accidents and fatalities, increasing stewardship of America’s waterways and keeping boating safe for all. A range of boating safety courses – including 34 free state courses – can be found at

Many of us enjoy fishing, jet skis, or simply relaxing on a boat. In Texas alone, there are more than 595,000 registered boats. Whether onboard a sailboat, motorboat, paddleboat, or another type of personal watercraft, the operator must be extremely careful.

While distracted driving accidents on our nation’s roadways have become an epidemic and gained national attention, many boaters do not remember the same safety rules when they take their driving off the road and into the water. 

Boating accidents are frequently caused after drinking alcohol. They are often caused when an inexperienced or unlicensed operator is driving the boat, operating the boat while distracted by a mobile device or another activity, operator inattention, or driving too fast. Boating while intoxicated is a criminal offense.

Operator error, distraction, and intoxication are unfortunately not limited to recreational watercraft use alone. Professional captains have been caught using cell phones during fatal collisions. 

Distracted boating is as dangerous as distracted driving. No matter what or where you are driving, pay attention to your surroundings, use common sense, and don’t text and drive. 

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Your Marine Heads Experts Have All the Best Searching Strategies

Raritan Engineering Company your marine heads professionals would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding great sonar tips while shipwreck hunting.

It was 1995, and a good friend from St. Thomas decided he’d been through one too many hurricanes. Your marine heads analysts know that his idea was to move below where the big storms blow, which is south of the 12-degree line of latitude. 

During his multi-month cruise aboard his Fales 32 Navigator motorsailor, he didn’t tow an inflatable dinghy, even though everyone else does. Instead, he towed something much more valuable — a proton magnetometer. Your marine parts USA specialists understand that the towed “fish” of a proton mag is designed to detect ferrous metals — iron — and one day while cruising near an island, he got a hit — a big one. The next thing I knew, I was on a plane down-island to see what the commotion was all about.

Your marine parts Houston professionals feel that the problem was that my friend lost the GPS coordinates from his brick-size Magellan, and the only other tools we had were a blurry photo of the shoreline and some tequila-soaked memories. That’s when I decided to contact Lowrance and enlist the power of its HDS-9 Gen3 multifunction display with StructureScan sonar.

Once we were on location with our C-Map chart chip installed, we began “mowing the lawn” in a series of east-west passes, all the while using the sonar log to record our depth and position simultaneously. When we returned home, we uploaded the data to create the structure map (pictured), which really shows color-depth contours as opposed to bottom structure.

It is a simple matter to do a quick “one-touch” on the screen to mark a waypoint. Your marine parts and supplies analysts know that was critical because we had to return to each spot immediately for underwater investigation, since we only had one day to dive.

We dived on two waypoints without success, but the third one was the charm. We did indeed find an isolated coral head only to discover that the anchor and ring were gone and the bottom was now covered in an invasive species of sea grass.

Your Marine Heads Specialists Help Increase Your Chances for a Successful Find

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Your marine toilet experts know that upon further topside review, we discovered that the shoreline photo was of the wrong spot, and thanks to Google Earth and multiple conference calls, we realized the actual location of the anchor is several miles north of where we were on this mission. So we will return to the island again in search of the treasure, and C-Map and the Lowrance HDS Gen3 will be right there with us for the ride.

Dreams never die easily, and a long decade later I was finally able to follow up on that early idea. When I did, however, it wasn’t the warm, clear sea of childhood memory I dived into. Instead, it was the cold, dark and murky water of New York City. 

I didn’t just want to explore, I wanted to learn more about the thousands of ships that disappeared without a trace, to learn their secrets and do my part in bringing the sometimes valiant, sometimes horrifying and always human stories to the world of the dry and living. 

Searching can be absolutely maddening. You know the wreck is there. It’s nearby. You can feel it in your bones. The historical record tells you it’s there. Your instinct is to just go to a spot and look, and then go to the next spot where you think it is and look there. Nothing. Try again over here. 

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