TruDesign Composite Fittings

Raritan Engineering is proud to be the exclusive distributor of  Tru-Design composite fittings for the United States. Tru-Design specializes in the design, manufacture and marketing of high quality marine valves, skin fittings, hose nozzles and associated products.

All products are made out of the latest high impact resistant composite plastic materials designed to meet the demands of the modern boating industry and conform to rigid ISO Marine Standards.

TruDesign History

Established in 1974, they are an ISO 9001 company with over 30 years of experience in design tooling and manufacture of injection molded engineering plastics. Tru Design is well positioned to take products from design concept through tooling and into molded production, assembly, testing then product approval and dispatch. The marine range was developed as a result of the growing concern and regulation of untreated sewage being discharged from marine vessels. The multi-port diverting valve (Aquavalve®) was developed along with associated skin fittings and vented loops to allow commercial and recreational craft to comply with the new regulations. The marine range has grown significantly to include the electronic diverting valve (Electronic Aquavalve®) and a comprehensive ball valve range that includes electronic monitoring of the ball valve position.

Tru Design has a continuous product development program with new designs being introduced each year.

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