Tools you will need:
Flat blade screw driver (med)
Needle-nose pliers
5/16″, 7/16″ socket or equivalent


1.) All models utilize “sea water” or “lake water” as a source for intake flush water with the exception of models that have the “F” suffix (see below). Also common among “sea water” style units are their intake pump and motors*. The suffix “R” simply indicates that the intake pump assembly is in a “Remote” mounting location.

2.) Models that have the suffix “F” indicates that the intake assembly is connected to an external pressurized water source using the CWPS electric valve (no intake pump).

*Note: Remote motor uses a special mounting bracket that the internal assembly does not.

CWPS Intake valve for pressurized water

Intake pump for seawater system (AM200R shown)

3.) Turn unit upside down on safe surface.

Disconnect the positive and negative intake pump wires from the fuse block and grounding lug.

4.) Turn unit over and face backside of unit.

Disconnect hose at pump outlet and hose to pump intake.

Remove mount support bolts (2) and carefully remove pump and motor assembly from the rear of the toilet.