Tools you will need:
Standard or needle nose pliers
Flat blade (med) screwdriver

1) Crown Head – Centrifugal Discharge Series – with standard size bowl and 90° discharge fitting.

2) Remove CH29 shroud assembly from the lower unit to expose CH18W front cover.

3) Remove CH18W front cover with flat blade screwdriver.

4.) With CH18W front cover removed, unscrew (counterclockwise) CH121 macerator blade. Remove old CH120 pump wall or any remaining pieces.

5.) The new CH120 pump wall is larger in diameter than the opening of the end bell (CH15DD) so it must be folded to fit inside.

Once folded, insert the new CH120 all the way into the end bell and position it behind the internal channels.

Push the CH120 against the CH119MW. Use screwdriver if necessary to push the CH120 into position.

Thread the CH121 onto the CH119MW (hand tight only) and reinstall CH18W.