Tools you will need:
Standard or needle-nose pliers
Flat blade (med) screwdriver
5/32″ Nut driver or equivalent

1) Crown Head – Centrifugal Discharge Series – with standard size bowl and 90° discharge fitting.

2.) Gain access to the CH102MW pump assembly.

3.) Disconnect intake hose from CH102MW pump assembly and remove CH42 hose from pump outlet.

4.) Remove CH102MW pump assembly from the rear of the motor by unscrewing the (4) pump bolts.

5.) Remove CH6 cover plate from pump housing to expose G13W impeller.

6.) Remove G13W impeller from pump housing using needle nose pliers or flat blade screwdriver.

To install new G13W impeller, make sure the two G15 washers are inserted tight into center of impeller.

Lubricate pump walls with Super Lube (part# SL).

Position new G13W to line up with pump cavity. Slowly twist clockwise while carefully and gradually pushing it into the pump cavity.

Once installed, align the impeller core opening to the seal opening at rear of the pump housing.

Note: New impeller and G15 washers must free of grease, water or any lubricant or G15 will be difficult to install.