1.) The I34M-1 is designed to stop the compressor (cooling) cycle, eject the ice and allow new water to enter the tray.

The I34M-1 module is located inside the refrigerated compartment behind the square white cover.

Note: Raritan models 82, 83, 84 and 85 use the same module.

2.) Remove the I34M-A front cover to expose the I34M-1 module face.

3.) The I34M-1 module face has several useful items for testing:

a. Test ports.

b. Cam position indicator (large white plastic gear).

Note: The cam position indicator of  should be at approximately 5 o’clock during the cooling (compressor, condensing fan) cycle otherwise unit is in the ejection (ice harvesting) mode and the compressor and fan will not operate.

4.) Dismantling of the I34M-1 module is accomplished by removing the Phillips screws (3)
and disconnecting the orange bayonet connector.Proceed to the testing and repair document before taking any fasteners apart.