The function of the I34T (ice maker mold thermostat) is to initiate the ice ejection cycle when the ice is ready for harvesting.

The temperature is sensed at the face of the ice mold (I34MH)

At a preset  temperature it closes it’s electrical contacts and sends power to start the ejection system.


Determine if the I34M-1 module is  functional (see instructions)and the compressor and fan are cooling properly prior to proceeding:

a.) Using a #12awg wire jumper with the ends stripped of insulation approximately .5″ (1.27 cm).

b.) Place the jumper into the test ports* marked T and H on I34M-1 for 20 seconds and then remove jumper.

During this portion of the procedure the compressor and condensing fan should stop operating when jumper is installed.

Also the large white gear on the face of the I34M-1 should slowlyrotate clockwise. If the above has occurred the unit will remain in the ejection cycle for up to 5 minutes then it will dump the ice (if water was present and frozen) and also send water into the mold in preparation for the next cycle.

This will indicate that the I34T is in need of replacement.

Proceed to the next section on replacing the I34T. If not then recheck the I34M-1 (see instructions) and wiring harness(see instructions).

*Verify that the complete amount of exposed wire is seated fully into the test port.


4.) Simply depress the tab and gently pull the black enclosure off of the I34MH mold assembly.

5.) On the back of the enclose lift the I34T retaining springs (2) with the needle style pliers.

Replace with new component and apply a thin film of thermal conducting compound to the sensing surface.

Reassemble in reverse order.