1.) The function #I44 is to supply power to the I34M-1 module and to carry power to the I34B water valve during the ejection cycle.

It also incorporates a thermal link in the “hot leg” that is intended to help protect the ejection components.

Gaining access to the I44

2.) Check the I44 wiring harness contacts for oxidation as it may require cleaning* if the plug contact surface becomes damaged then do one of the following:

a.) If the thermal link is “open”(not conducting voltage to the plug) go to this document for assistance in replacing the complete harness.

b.)  If the plug contacts are unusable but the fusible  thermal link is conducting voltage then proceed to the next step (3.).) below.

Clean these fragile contacts with extreme caution.

3.) Remove the two enclosure screws with a Phillips screw driver.

The I44 is held in place by a securing tab. While depressing the tab gently pull the black enclosure off of the I34MH mold assembly

4.) With the harness plug exposed pull the plug towards you.

With approximately 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) or as much wire as the slack in the wires will permit.

Cut the 4 wires that connect to the old plug as close as possible.

5.) Cut new harness and splice with wire connectors.

Reassemble in reverse order.