Tools you will need:
Channel type pliers.
Flat blade (med) screwdriver

1.) Gaining access to the inlet valve

To clean out debris or dismantle the valve it is necessary to access the inlet valve spring (part# LWS) and ball (#1201).

It is only necessary to unscrew the inlet valve cap (part# 1204B) approximately 5 revolutions with channel type pliers or equivalent.

Note: It is not necessary to remove or loosen any other part

2.) Then by grasping the 1209BW handle and gently lifting upwards, the entire assembly (down to part# 1203BW) can be removed.

Clean out any debris in this area.
Replace gasket (part#1202) if necessary and apply a small amount of Super Lube (#SL) to the O-ring area of the 1203BW.

If valve assembly needs to be dismantled further go here.

Otherwise proceed to step #3

3.) Reassemble in the reverse order making sure that the alignment post of the 1200CW housing protrudes between the two limiting stops in the underside of the 1209BW. This allows for the proper indexing position of the inlet valve.

If installed properly this creates a maximum of a 1/4 turn from “Dry” to “Flush” not 3/4 turn).

Note: Do not over tighten #1204B as gasket #1202 will displace.