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Marine Elegance bowls are available
                                                                        in four models: standard angled, standard
                                                                        straight, tall angled and tall straight.
                                                                        Each model is available in Bone or White.
            The first toilet in its class to offer:
                •  Quiet operation
                •  Unmatched rinsing capabilities

                •  Low water consumption
                •  Built in shredder reduces clogs
                •  Can pump 10 ft vertically, or 100 ft horizontally

            Our full size vitreous china bowl offers:
                •  One piece construction                       BIDET OPTION
                •  Full size toilet seat
                •  Compact installation

                •  Unique mounting system, simple installation,
                       easy cleaning

                •  Reduced weight while adding additional support
                       where needed

            The Raritan Smart Toilet Control offers:
                •  Fully programmable, easy to use control
                •  Attractive wall mount design                       STANDARD
                •  Flush using no water, little water, or timed flush
                •  Optional lock out feature when tank is full

             FLUSH CONTROL:                                                                        Optional:

                Smart Toilet Control -     Multifunction Momentary -  Momentary Push Button  -   Sea/Fresh Selector-
                Timed flush for Normal      Provides 3 momentary        Simplest and           Allows user to select
               and Water Saver modes             operations:          most economical          from either on board
                Momentary operation         Fill, Empty and Flush.                            freshwater or raw water.
               to wet or empty the bowl.                                                      *Flush Control required

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