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           Built In and Freestanding Units                    Flush Mount Units
           87B515-1 115V                                      87E515-1 115V
           87B515-2 230V                                      87E515-2 230V


         Electrical Requirements      115V/60Hz with USA plug         230V, 50Hz with euro plug
         Volt Range                   104V~127V                       220V~240V
         Maximum Amp Fuse             15 amps                         10 AMPS

        •  Water Pressure Operating Range 20-120

        •  All ventilation from front, limited vent in back of unit. No additional clearance required around the sides.
        •  Adjustable rubber leveling feet

        •  Water supply Inlet size 1/4” OD and requires 3/4 space behind the unit for clearance

        •  Water supply inlet located in lower right of rear opposite of the power cord
        •  Net Weight 51 lbs / 23 kg

        •  115 V units UL and cUL listed
        •   All units meets CE


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