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        Raritan customers like to ask questions and they range from the simple to the very complex. The
        challenge in this catalog is to present enough information to shed light on the simple yet still offer a path
        to understanding the complex. We show our product line in a simplified fashion and suggest where to
        seek additional information from our website or customer service personnel. To print a catalog containing
        57 years’ worth of revisions to the PH manual would have been cumbersome and not of much interest to
        someone who is just buying their first PH. For those unfamiliar, the PH was the manual Marine head on
        which Raritan Engineering Company, Inc. was started in 1958.

        Whether you are seeing this catalog in booklet format or seeing a virtual copy on our website, it’s helpful
        to know the additional information on products and parts are available on the website. If you cannot find
        what you want, please call our customer service representatives and they can help you find what you need.
        As a company we believe you should be able to get the information necessary to use and maintain your
        Raritan product. We go to great lengths to ensure that you can get that information. Our employees are our
        greatest asset and they know that outstanding customer service is what keeps customers coming back.

        In the past year we have made an effort to update the Marine head and we have designed slow close seats
        for both Marine size bowls and Household size bowls with special feature of stoppers that prevents seats
        from sliding sideways. Because the Marine environment is harsh, fasteners tend to corrode. There are no
        exposed fasteners to corrode on our slow close seats. It may seem like a simple thing but boat owners who
        have struggled to keep seats functional and clean will recognize the importance of such a simple thing.

        We have also made improvements to our PH head, now dubbed the PH SUPERFLUSH. Changes have been
        made to allow direct and fast replacement of competitors’ heads to provide effortless pumping. This is an
        example of our efforts at continuous improvement that is driven by customer requests.

        Don’t overlook plumbing fittings and valves from our partner Tru-Design. These fittings are extremely cost-
        effective, durable and can be installed to meet ABYC standards.

        We have made a number of improvements to other Raritan products. Our 87 Icemaker for example has
        several improvements. Fresh head has been improved to make it more reliable and operation more
        intuitive. PSTEX (Purasan) system now has substantial improvements as a result of the growing number of
        applications and the feedback users have provided us.

        We welcome any suggestions you may have for product improvements and for the support we provide for
        our products.

        Wishing you wonderful boating seasons in coming years,

        Arthur J. “Bret” Bretnall, Jr.

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