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As a premier manufacturer of marine products, Raritan Engineering Co. Inc, is proud to
           introduce its latest product offering, the PH SuperFlush. Our latest configuration helps
           customers easily switch from competitive models and begin taking advantage of the robust and
           dependable design of our world renowned PHII pump. Every unit is individually assembled and
           tested by hand in the USA.

            •   Upgrading to PH SuperFlush is fast and
               easy! Mounting base configuration matches
               the bolt pattern used on most competitive

            •   Clear the bowl with less strokes! Our robust
               double-action piston pump is 66% larger than
               competitive models making its use quick, easy
               and efficient.
            •   Trouble free operation! Proprietary full size
               1½” joker valve is specially designed to
               maintain pump performance.

            Additional benefits include:

             •  Effortless Pumping! Powerful telescopic
               lever style handle makes pumping a breeze, even in the most challenging plumbing
             •  Superior strength! Our engineered polymer pump construction is the strongest on
               the market.
             •  Slow close seats! Prevents annoying seat slamming and includes a unique feature
               that locks the seat in place while boat is rocking.

            All units have a dry flush option and may be
            mounted above or below the waterline. Reversible
            pump mounting available for left hand operation.
            Available in both Marine and Household bowl sizes.

            Prefer to use your old bowl and seat?
            Retrofits are available – see reverse for part#

            Most items are in stock and available to ship within
            24 hours.

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