Most marine toilets operate with either onboard pressurized freshwater or utilize outside raw water brought in by an intake pump. The abundance of outside water makes the intake pumps exceedingly popular because there is no concern about running out of water. However, outside raw water often carries with it some unwanted odors. When traveling in salt and brackish waters there are small organisms that live in the water and then die in the rim of the toilet bowl. For anybody that has been away from the boat after a few weeks, and you are the first to flush the toilet the smell can be overwhelming. This rotten egg smell is a classic problem when flushing with outside water because the organisms have died in the time that you have been off the boat.

While onboard pressurized freshwater has become more popular owners are still faced with using a precious resource, onboard freshwater, to flush the toilet. Having heard many anecdotal stories about the contraptions being built to deal with the problems related to toilet water, Raritan decided to make their own version that allowed users to easily switch between fresh and raw water.

Raritan created the SeaFresh system to allow users, with the flip of a switch, to change between onboard freshwater or outside raw water. The ideal solution depends on quantities of onboard water or desire to flush with only raw water. Even for users that prefer only outside water the beauty of this system is that it allows users to switch over to fresh and flush the toilet a few times. The flushing of the toilet with fresh water prior to leaving the boat ensures all of the raw water has been flushed out of the system and there will be no rotten egg smell to greet you when you return to the boat. 

The SeaFresh system is available on the Atlantes, Marine Elegance and SeaEra QC when ordered with the SeaFresh option it includes the vacuum breaker and check valves to protect the onboard fresh water along with the switch that allows the user to easily change between the freshwater solenoid or remote intake pump.


Toilet includes a solenoid valve that connects to the onboard pressurized water system
Remote Intake Pump
Toilet includes a remote intake pump to bring in raw water
Toilet includes both a solenoid valve and remote intake pump along with a switch to change between the two water sources.