Document Number File Name Size (KB)
Marine Toilets
Atlantes Freedom with Vortex-Vac
L1001 Atlantes Promo Sheet 924 KB
L476 Atlantes Owner’s Manual 588 KB
Exploded View Atlantes Exploded Parts 72 KB
L479 Atlantes AVHW mfg after 9/2015 and AVHA after 10/2023 Owner's Manual 1282 KB
L479E Atlantes AVHW mfg after 9/2015 and AVHA after 10/2023 Exploded View 72 KB
Crown Head
L1005 Crown Head Promo Sheet 713 KB
L91v1022 Crown Head Owner’s Manual 101 KB
L193 Crown Head Exploded Parts Views 61 KB
Fresh Head
FH Promo Fresh Head Promo Sheet 924 KB
L524 Fresh Head Owner’s Manual 588 KB
L524Ev Fresh Head Exploded Parts View 72 KB
Marine Elegance
L Marine Elegance Promo Sheet 765 KB
L490-v0720 Marine Elegance Owners Manual 165 KB
L490E-v0720 Marine Elegance Exploded Parts View 221 KB
Promo Marine Elegance Comfort Height Promo Sheet 765 KB
L441 Marine Elegance Comfort Height w Wall Mount 1460 KB
L442 Marine Elegance Comfort Height w Smart Handle 1560 KB
L1010 PHII Promo Sheet 765 KB
L04 PHII Owner’s Manual 165 KB
L04E PHII Exploded Parts View 221 KB
PH Superflush / PH Powerflush
Summary PowerFlush SuperFlush Product Informational Summary Sheet 2.6 MB
L563Ev0320 Power Flush Exploded Parts View 800 KB
L563v1022 Super Flush / Power Flush Owners Manual 2 MB
L563Ev1022 Super Flush Exploded Parts View  
Sea Era
L1039 Sea Era Informational Sheet 768 KB
L318v0922 SeaEra Owner’s Manual 501 KB
L318E Sea Era Exploded Parts View 47 KB
Sea Era QC
Promo Sea Era QC Promo Sheet 768 KB
L365 Sea Era QC Owner’s Manual 501 KB
L365epv Sea Era QC Exploded Parts View 47 KB
Flush Controls Available
L477 Flush Handle Control 828 KB
L577 Multifunction Flush Panel 828 KB
L488 Momentary Flush Switch 828 KB
L480 Smart Toilet Control 828 KB
L381 Smart Toilet Control with Bluetooth 828 KB
L492 Smart Toilet Control with FlushSense 828 KB
Sanitation System and Components
Electro Scan – Type I MSD
L1030 Electroscan Promo Sheet 828 KB
L340v0822 Electroscan Owner’s Manual 194 KB
Hold N’Treat
L372v0719 Hold N Treat ElectroScan EST System Owners Manual  
L519v0822 Hold N Treat for PuraSan EX Owners Manual  
L519v0822 Hold N Treat PuraSan System Exploded Parts View  
Promo Macerator Pump Promo Sheet 726 KB
L552v1022 Macerator Pump Owner’s Manual 319 KB
Managerm – Type II MSD
L1039 Managerm Promo Sheet 726 KB
L350 Managerm Owner’s Manual 319 KB
PuraSan EX – Type I MSD
L1011 PuraSan EX Promo Sheet 726 KB
L518 PuraSan EX Owner’s Manual mfg. after 11/15 319 KB
L518exv PuraSan EX Exploded Parts View 63 KB
Tank Monitor
L1036 Tank Monitor Promo Sheet 720 KB
L313 Tank Monitor Owner’s Manual 382 KB
Other Raritan Equipment and Products
1700 Series Water Heater
L1015 1700 Series Water Heater Promo Sheet 737 KB
L206 1700 Series Water Heater Owner’s Manual 185 KB
Icer-Ette Ice Maker
L1007 Ice-rette Promo Sheet 87 model 828 KB
L550 Icer-ette Owner’s Manual 87 model 194 KB
L550E Icer-ette Exploded Parts View 87 model 140 KB
Maintenance and Cleaning
L1033 Cleaning Products Promo Sheet 12 KB
L82 Toilet Water Kit 12 KB
L1013 Ruddermaster Promo Sheet 1200 KB
L58 Ruddermaster Owner’s Manual 160 KB
L58T Ruddermaster Mounting Template 44 KB
MSDS Information
L308 K.O. Kills Odors MSDS 12 KB
L309 C.P. Cleans Potties MSDS 12 KB
L310 B.C. Cleans Bilges MSDS 12 KB
L311 C.U. Cleans Up MSDS 12 KB
L325 R.C. Raritan Concentrate MSDS 12 KB
L433 C.H. Cleans Hoses MSDS 12 KB
L166 Purasan Tablets MSDS 12 KB
640121 Managerm Enzyme USA Only MSDS 12 KB
640210 Pinnacle Bio-Sanitizer *Overseas* MSDS 12 KB
Installation Aids and Tech Bulletins
L73 Raw Water Strainer Owner’s Manual 32 KB
L373 Treatment/Electrode Cleaning for Hold n’Treat 12 KB
L286 Lectra San Vacu Flush 18 KB
L302 Lectra San tech bulletin 41 KB
Discontinued Products
L242 Atlantes Water Saver 202 KB
L219 Compact II Owner’s Manual 80 KB
L229 Cricket Owner’s Manual 67 KB
84 and 85 Model Icerette
L450 84 and 85 Icerette Manual 202 KB
L45 Crown II “F” Series Converter.pdf 62 KB
L46 Crown II “B” Series Converter.pdf 63 KB
Galley Flow System
L337 Galley Flow Owner’s Manual 804 KB
L344 Galley Flow Exploded Parts View 42 KB
Lectra/San – Replaced in September 2005 by Electro Scan
L1030 Lectra/San Promo Sheet 766 KB
L270 Lectra/San Owner’s Manual 266 KB
L274 Lectra/San Exploded Parts View 53 KB
L281 Lectra/San 2 gallon salt feed tank instructions 145 KB
L288 Lectra/San 4 gallon salt feed tank instructions 46 KB
L289 Lectra/San MC 4 gallon salt feed tank with pump instructions 170 KB
L002 PHC Promo Sheet 765 KB
L04 PHC Owner’s Manual 165 KB
L04E PHC Exploded Parts View 221 KB
Purasan – Replaced in August 2012 by PurasanEx
L143 Purasan Owner’s Manual Pre 2004 322 KB
L405 Purasan Owner’s Manual Post 2004 340 KB
Sanitation Systems
L136 Lectra San EC Installation, use & maintenance.pdf 293 KB
L70 Portable Compact Tank manual.pdf 102 KB
L170 Compact Portable Tank instructions.pdf 54 KB
Water Systems & Tanks
L1041s1 In-Line Strainer spec sheet.pdf 113 KB
L297 Sea Fresh installation, use & maintenance.pdf 48 KB
L305 Sea Fresh Crown Head retro-fit.pdf 43 KB
L31 Super Galley Mate.pdf 73 KB
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