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Atlantes Freedom with Vortex-Vac

The original one piece marine toilet. Raritan was the first to develop a one piece china bowl that contained all necessary components to flush and fill the bowl. The Atlantes has gone through a number of transitions over the years but remains a highly reliable toilet that offers your guests the comforts of home. The handle that can be ordered with the unit allows users of marine toilets to be more comfortable when operating it. While the head area of a boat can be daunting the switches can be even more daunting so imagine seeing a familiar handle on the side of the bowl. Users will at least know to push the handle in order to flush the toilet. By incorporating what is familiar to users there is less chance of things going wrong when you invite guests onboard.

In addition to having a familiar operation the Atlantes offers a great variety of flush water options. Some boats require flushing with outside raw water because there is not enough capacity onboard to carry water just for flushing a toilet. Some owners choose the onboard freshwater option because they have the capacity and want to prevent the odors associated with raw water from permeating the plumbing system. 

Most Raritan toilets, including the Atlantes offer a SeaFresh option which allows the owner to flush with raw water during a trip to conserve fresh water as needed. Upon return from a trip and before leaving the boat switch to fresh and flush the system out reducing odors and build up in the line. In addition to the SeaFresh flushing option Raritan also offers a variety of control types if you prefer something other than the familiar handle. Atlantes offers a Bluetooth control, a touch pad, a momentary handle, timed handle operation or even as simple as a pushbutton.

Part Number: AVHAF01201
Shipping Weight:58lbs
Shipping Height:19in
Shipping Width:26in
Shipping Depth:0in

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