Marine Sanitation Devices

Why Your Boat Needs a Marine Sanitation Device

Every boat equipped with a toilet must have a Marine Sanitation Device of some kind. Raritan manufactures the most popular Type I Marine Sanitation Device (MSD) on the market today. Actually, Raritan has two systems both of which are extremely popular among Boaters the are environmentally conscious. While many boats are sold in the United States everyday we believe the least discussed system is the Sanitation System on the boat.

By law no user of a marine toilet can discharge raw sewage inside the three mile limit. In areas that have been declared a Federal No Discharge Zone nothing can be discharged. Raritan’s Type I and Type II Devices are for use in areas not declared a Federal No Discharge Zone. Raritan also encourages users to always be conscious of discharging in poor or low flushing areas.

Marine Sanitation Devices

Image of Hold N Treat System Components

Hold N Treat System Components

Image of Managerm Biological Waste Treatment System

Managerm Biological Waste Treatment System

Image of Purasan Ex Treatment System

Purasan Ex Treatment System

Image of Electroscan Treatment System

Electroscan Treatment System

Both of Raritan’s Type I devices are flow-thru systems that treat with each flush. Treating each flush individually minimizes the environmental impact by almost eliminating the fecal coliform and macerating the solid waste to indiscernible parts. The Electroscan accomplishes this by using nothing more than salt water, specialized plates and electricity. The treatment is created by the electricity and the plates when in contact with salt water. This type of treatment means the chemical reaction that occurs is unstable and quickly reverts back to salt water.

The Purasan EX utilizes the same chemical used in many municipal treatment plants. The treatment is created when water passes over the tablets and drains into the tank when a flush is processed. Both methods reduce the fecal coliform level to less than 20 ppm. While the federal standard calls for Type I devices to produce a fecal coliform of less than 1000 ppm Raritan has proudly produced a system that treats to less than 20 ppm since 1972!

The Managerm is Raritan’s Type II device and designed for larger vessels and constant use since it is a biological system. A Type II system is required if your vessel is over 65’ on length where a Type I device is only legal if your vessel is 65’ or less. How much or how you use your boat does not dictate which Type you use, it is strictly driven by the size of the vessel. However, there may be circumstances that require installation of more than one unit on a vessel or a larger system than what you could “legally” install.

Sanitation Device Issues Solved

Almost every builder in the United States chooses to install what used to be a certified Type III device but is now simply a Holding Tank. Holding Tank odors are the bain of most boaters who use them. Raritan offers some amazing products to help combat the dreaded “oh your using your holding tank” remarks.

Raritan’s years of experience along with one of the best products on the market, K.O. Kills Odors, allows boaters to have a far more pleasant experience when dealing with odor problems. Please be certain to follow proper disposal laws for whatever system you are using.

It is illegal to discharge any untreated toilet waste inside the 3 mile limit. We encourage you to contact us should you have questions regarding discharge laws in your area. We also recommend that you check the EPA website for a current listing of Federal No Discharge Zones should you have any questions about where you can legally treat and discharge.

Marine Sanitation Devices
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