Sanitation Accessories

Sanitation systems on boats extend beyond the toilet itself! As too many boaters have discovered the hard way it is not only the toilet, and often not even the toilet, that can be a source of bad odors on a boat. The last thing anybody wants to do is board a boat and be hit with an odor enough to chase you right back off the boat! Or even worse odors that keep your significant other from partaking in the joys of Boating!

Raritan offers a number of products that make installation, maintenance and even operation simple and care free! Most people do not realize that a major source of odor on boats sanitation systems actually lurk in the hose that connects the whole system. The difficulty is toilets send the waste to a holding tank or treatment device in most all installations. The distance of that run can leave waste laying in the line.

When waste stays in the line it gives it time to “soak” into the hose it is traveling in. No surprise that over time poor quality hose will allow that odor to permeate the hose and great you every time you “open” the boat up. This permeation is the driving force behind Raritan’s extensive research and testing into a hose that will stand up to the common abuse of boat installation of hose runs!

Raritan’s Sanitation Hose, Sani-Flex, now carries a 10 year warranty and is one of the most flexible and easiest to install hoses available on the market!

Once outside the three mile limit a boater is legally allowed to discharge straight overboard rather than having to continue to fill the Holding Tank. Have you ever noticed that the builders like to locate the Y-valve in an area that requires either a small person or contortionist to be able to swtich it from holding tank to overboard?

The most hated item on boats tends to be the dreaded Holding Tank. Because chemical treatment in tanks ultimately ends up in the water in most cases Raritan believes in treating the tank with a highly effective biological treatment that eliminates the common holding tank odors.

K.O. Kills Odors is a time proven design that when used properly eliminates holding tank odors. Combine it with Cleans Potties and you have a fresh smelling sanitation system!

Additional Sanitation accessories designed to make boat life trouble free include Raritan’s own macerator pump. Yes, it looks like most every other macerator pump on the market but ours is built to last with an impeller designed to run up to 3 times longer than any competitor.

In addition to design improvements Raritan has an option for a Smart Macerator Control that can automatically shut the pump down if it senses the pump running dry. One of the most common reasons for macerator pump failures is the owner or operator turning it on to empty the holding tank and with all of the noise on a boat someone ultimately forgets it is running and within a few minutes of being dry the pump is rendered useless and requires replacement. 

Diverter Y Valve
Diverter Y Valve
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Cable Cat5-E Shielded Tested 15ft.
Cable Cat5-E Shielded Tested 15ft.
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