Tankassure NMEA2000 Adapter

TankAssure NMEA2000 (N2K) Adapter

The TankAssure NMEA2000 Adapter comes with connection unit and 2 cables to coonect to the TankAssure Control Panel and one the connect to the backbone cable

TankAssure, one of the most advanced tank monitoring systems available. TankAssure brings unparalleled practicality to vessel management. The submersible sensor’s ease of installation minimizes wiring complexity and simplifies the process. The technology’s compatibility with various tank materials makes it adaptable to a wide range of vessels.

Ease of Use

  • Reliable electronic design perfected for any marine environment
  • Compatible with any polyethylene, fiberglass, or metal tank
  • Use it to monitor sewage, greywater, and freshwater
  • Integrated Blocked Vent Detector technology helps in quickly diagnosing holding tank venting problems
  • Seamless connection to the Raritan App, allowing you to monitor tank capacity from anywhere on your vessel
  • Get an exact percentage readout for each tank capacity using the Raritan App
  • Up to 4 tanks can be monitored with 1 control panel (15610 Sensor Kit with 1 inch fitting, required for each addtional tank)


Part Number: 15630
Shipping Weight:1lbs
Shipping Height:3in
Shipping Width:7in
Shipping Depth:5in

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