How to Rebuild the Raritan PHII 1203W

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How to Rebuild the Raritan PHII 1203W Transcript

00:54.74: Using the channel pliers. Remove the 1203W from the housing.

01:04.00: When the inlet valve is in the dry position. The 1203W helps defeat the negative pressure buildup in the housing by allowing air to enter.

01:16.74: Using the recommended drill bit. Extract the seal cartridge from the 1203W housing by gently pressing from the outside inward.

01:34.00: Remove any debris that may have accumulated inside the valve body.

01:40.31: Visually inspect the valve cartridge and clean as necessary.

01:47.02: In the event the check valve cartridge becomes dismantled, reassemble in this order.

01:55.00: Gently press the cartridge into the valve body evenly.

02:00.00: Using the recommended socket continued to press the seal cartridge until fully seated.

02:13.00: Reinstall the 1203W and gently tighten.

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