How to Repair the Raritan SeaEra Diaphragm Pump

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00:48.64 Unmount the pump and remove any covers that may be relevant

00:54.00 Release. the locking clips and remove the fittings and hose.

01:01.25 01:01.96 Loosen before 5/16 bolts

01:14.00 Remove the set. Screw cover

01:17.00 Gently rotate the housing until the screw aligns

01:22.05 Gently loosen the set screw and gently remove the pump assembly from the motor.

01:38.01 Remove the screws and separate the pump assembly

01:47.99 Remove the screws from the bearing plate and install the new diaphragm assembly.

02:05.91 Use caution not to overtighten the screws

02:15.91 Remove and discard the middle housing.

02:25.01 Remove the four cone seals from the upper housing

02:35.01 Insert the housing screws

02:42.01 Partially install the cone seals tapered end down.

02:55.99 Align, the bolts with the new middle housing and install.

03:05.76 Install, the lower housing, assuring the bearing access port is aligned properly.

03:20.31 Reinstall the diaphragm pump carefully, aligning the flat on the motor shaft with the bushing set screw

03:34.01 Gently tighten the set screw for now and re-secure the bolts on the pump head.

03:42.01 Using a torque wrench, tighten the bolts to 50 inch pounds

03:49.01 Finish tightening the set screw and install the rubber plug.

03:56.01 Remove and replace the inlet and discharge fitting O-rings and reinstall.

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