How to Service PHII 1236AW Spud Assembly

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How to Service the Raritan PHII 1236W Spud Assembly Transcript

00:57.64: Begin by removing the CH43p snap clamp.

01:03.00: Remove the hose and unthreatened the 12-36e bowl elbow. Using the channel pliers, loosen and remove the bowl spud nut. Remove the flat and rubber washer from the bowl. Carefully removed the spud by gently pressing downward.

01:33.00: When installing the new spud assembly, note the notched edges.

01:38.31: These are used to aid an installation. Install the new rubber and flat washer while holding the threads of the bell portion. While installing the nut portion, it may be helpful to use a flat blade screwdriver or equivalent.

02:01.00: to hold their inner wall of the fitting.

02:05.44: Use the channel pliers to complete the process.

02:14.00: Reinstall the 12-36e Inlet elbow and connect the hose. Reattach the snap clamp and secure with the channel pliers.

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