How to Service the Raritan Diverter Valve

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Raritan Diverter Valve Servicing Transcript

00:57.30: Any port on the Raritan Diverter valve can be configured as the inlet.

01:03.00: Top inlet. Left inlet. Right inlet.

01:16.00: Using standard 1.5" NPT threads, allows for application specific size and type fittings.

01:27.00: Port identification labels are included.

01:31.00: The DV11 is supplied with fittings. Both are supplied with mounting clamps.

01:40.00: The removable handle helps satisfy No-Discharge-Zone requirements.

01:48.00: Servicing the valve is accomplished by removing the top perimeter screws and gently removing the cover. Note the cover is "keyed" for proper assembly.

02:13.00: Remove the cam from the valve body and clean the frictional surfaces as necessary.

02:23.00: Prior to reassembly add a small amount of PTFE grease to the cam and O-ring surfaces.

02:34.00: When reinstalling the cam, make certain the bearing surfaces align.

02:46.00: Reinstall the cover screws and stoppers, in their selected location.

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