How to replace seal and service the Raritan Electroscan Treatment System unit

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00:05.94: The Raritan Electroscan is a U. S Coast Guard certified Type One marine sanitation device for use for uninspected as well as inspected

00:17.04 vessels registered length of 65 ft or 19.7 m, and under the unit must be operated in areas that are not declared 00:30.88 a federal no discharge zone by the U. S Environmental Protection Agency. This is applicability for all U. S. Territorial waters inside the three mile limit.

00:41.51: Other countries check with your local authorities. The Electroscan is designed for recreational use and accommodates most marine toilets. With a maximum flush

00:55.72: volume of 1.5 US gallons or 5.7 liters. The flushing action of the toilet discharges waste into the first chamber of the treatment tank. Here,

01:11.10: the waste is macerated and receives its first treatment. Specially coated electrode plates create an electrical field and convert the saltwater into hydrochloric

01:22.55: acid, a powerful bactericide. Once the treatment solution reacts with bacteria and waste, it reverts back to salt and water. The next time the toilet is flushed

01:35.76: and new, untreated waste enters the first chamber. Some of the treated discharge enters the second chamber, while the new waste is being treated in the first chamber, the contents

01:46.84: of the second chamber are stirred and treated again. Each successive flush moves the previous toilet discharge through the Electroscan and eventually overboard. When

01:59.46: the discharge enters the marine environment, virtually all the pathogens have been eliminated. The Electroscan is based on salt. The addition of assault feed system may

02:14.65: be necessary if the toilets in flesh water is not ocean grade salinity. With the automatic injection kit. Salinity is monitored by the units control panel

02:26.86: and salt solution is automatically added as needed. A small amount of water supplied by the boats Pressurized Freshwater system maintains the water level in the tank

02:40.76: and continues to generate saturate salt solution from the solar salt. During the processing mode, the Electroscan control can call for salt to be injected into

02:53.48: the treatment unit as needed for proper operation. The Electroscan system is the most popular U. S. Coast Guard Type I MSD system available. The units power

03:07.81: consumption has been reduced by 36% at only 1.2 ampere hours of power per cycle. The Electroscan generates its own natural

03:19.63: disinfectant from saltwater and can be interfaced with many electric or manual toilets for a simple one step operation.

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