How to service the Electroscan Treatment System

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00:53.04 Begin by removing the main power stud and hardware Noting the position of each of the components. 01:13.01 Remove the input output board and gently lift to remove from its mounting location 01:20.01 remove the microprocessor board by gently lifting 01:26.00remove, the main positive terminal. 01:30.00 Next using the pliers, remove the U-clips from the side rail heat sinks by gently lifting. There are a total of seven clips that need to be removed for this process. 01:47.01 Remove the end cap screws from the terminal end, only. 01:59.01 Gently remove the motherboard from the casing and remove the three insulator standoffs. 02:11.57 Prepare the new motherboard by cleaning, the surfaces of the heat sink on the MOSFETs. 02:20.01 Add a small amount of the thermal compound to the number 7, MOSFET. 02:36.01 Install, the new control board into the housing. 02:47.01 Gently press each MOSFET into the side rail. 02:57.00 Install the U- clips short side closest to the component. 03:03.01 Make certain the MOSFET is fully seated against the side rail for proper heat transfer. 03:13.01 Reinstall the positive stud and insulator components into the end cap. 04:00.01 Reinstall, the end cap and grounding screw. 04:07.01 Carefully align the input output board as well as the microprocessor and firmly receive them in place. 04:23.01 Reinstall the two mounting screws for the input output board.

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