How to replace the Raritan Icerette 87 Icemaker Assembly

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00:43.17: Began by disconnecting power by unplugging the electrical cord, returning the breaker to the off position, remove water pressure and disconnect the water line. 00:57.00: Next using a flat blade screwdriver, remove the blue buckle from the water connector. 01:05.00: Press the inner collar fitting firmly downward against the connector to remove the hose. 01:15.00: Using a phillips screwdriver, remove the screws to remove the back panel. 01:27.00: Cut and remove any wire ties that secure the harness. 01:37.00: Unplug the wire harness by depressing the locking tab and separating. 01:43.00: Remove the sealant from the wire harness and cold control sensor. 01:48.00: To allow easier repair access, remove the upper hinge screw and remove the door. 01:56.24: Using a small phillips screwdriver, remove the three screws from the bottom of the mold assembly. 02:08.00: Remove the mold cover and Use a small flat blade screwdriver to rotate the ejector fingers downward level with the mold. 02:19.00: Remove the two screws on the side wall that retain the ice maker assembly. 02:29.40: Remove the ice maker mold assembly by moving upward slightly to the right and finally pulling forward along with the wiring harness. 02:42.00: Remove any of the remaining thermal compound from the surface. 02:48.51: Remove the protective liners from both sides of the new thermal conductive sheet before installing. 03:01.00: Poke holes in the sheet where the screws will permeate before reinstalling. 03:14.00: Disconnect the wire harness adapter and push the wire harness through the back of the unit. 03:26.00: Start the cold control temperature probe into the back of the mold assembly. 03:33.00: Make sure that the water inlet tube is aligned with the inlet filled trough. 03:42.00: Lower the ejector fingers and loosely secure the side wall screws. 03:48.00: Using the three provided screws resecure the stainless plate starting at the rear, make certain that the surface of the plate is in full contact with the bottom of the coil, otherwise slow production may occur. 04:07.00: Finish tightening the sidewall screws and reattach the cover. 04:15.00: Fully seat the thermostat temperature probe. 04:21.00: Install the sealant putty to secure the wire harness and temperature probe. 04:28.00: If needed. Re install the harness adapter and verify that connectors have locked. 04:35.00: Carefully press the temperature probe and wire harness into their retention channels. 04:44.00: Reconnect the water and reassemble in the reverse order.

Raritan developed and designed our Icerette 87 Icemaker so that it would withstand the vigor of any marine environment. Features Include: > Improved controls for more efficient operation. > Cabinet and door built to last in harsh marine environments. > Removable ice bucket > Corrosion resistant marine grade hardware, hinges, fittings, and fasteners. > Positive catch door latch keeps door closed. This allows maximum ice production, while keeping harmful bacteria and molds out. > Built in door prop allows you to manually defrost or air dry your unit when power is off. > Produces up to 21 lbs. of ice every day using only 2-3/4 gallons of water. Stores of up to 11 lbs. of crescent ice (1/2” W x 3/4” H x 2-1/2” L) > Backed by Raritan’s one-year Limited Warranty and legendary technical support team.

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