How To Rebuild a Raritan SeaEra Discharge

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00:54.44 Using the 7/16” wrench, remove the bowl mounting nuts.

01:03.01 Remove the motor cover by gently lifting.

01:07.01 Lift the edge of the RNI shoulder washers to remove. Using a pair of pliers, gently twist to separate the hose clamp.

01:16.01 Using the 7/16” wrench, remove the motor mounting bolts.

01:34.01 Remove the macerator motor assembly.

01:38.01 Note how the housing indexing key affiliates with the base keyway.

01:50.51 Using pliers, stabilize the impeller while loosening the macerator nut.

02:01.45 The Macerator housing and impeller can now be removed.

02:17.01 Remove the seal plate from the motor housing.

02:24.01 Using a flat Blade screwdriver remove the motor shaft seal.

02:32.46 Clean the seal mounting surface before the new component is installed.

02:42.96 Add a small amount of water to this area

02:46.01 Install the new seals, spring side up and flush with the top of the seal housing.

02:56.01 Install the seal leak channel pointing downward.

03:02.01 Align the flat on the impeller with the flat on the motor shaft.

03:15.01 Align the keyway of the Macerator blade with the impeller capture area.

03:28.01 Install the lock washer and nut by securing the impeller while tightening.

03:46.01 Add a small amount of super Lube to the O-ring channel to secure in place while reassembling.

04:02.01 Align the keyway to the base housing and reassemble.

04:10.01 Reinstall the motor mount screws.

04:17.01 Remove the gasket and clean the surface before the new part is installed.

04:28.01 Loosen and remove the flange bolts to gain access to the Joker Valve.

04:38.01 Clean both Inside housing, as well as discharge fitting to assure a proper seal.

04:51.01 Resecure the discharge flange bolts. And remount the bowl.

05:01.01 Reinstall the rinse hose. And the clamp.

05:13.01 Install the new shoulder washers in the bowl using care not to overtighten

The SeaEra “original” is a toilet that has an integral intake pump at the back of the motor. This means a single motor is always running both the intake and the discharge at the same time. For those wanting freshwater or a remote intake pump see the SeaEra QC.

Design features of the SeaEra that make it unique from similar looking products include a full size joker valve to reduce clogs. Raritan also found it necessary to separate the intake water from the discharge water. In many other brands the intake and the discharge water is only separated by a seal. This means that dirty water can come in through the bowl. By utilizing a diaphragm intake pump and the opposite end of the motor the user can feel confident that they will always be flushing with clean water.

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