How to replace the discharge unit in the Raritan Marine Elegance Electric Marine Toilet

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Marine Elegance Repair Kit Discharge MERK

00:55.84: Disconnect power to the unit.

01:00.00: Remove the mounting bolt covers. Next, remove the three bowl screws from the T-bracket mounting base

01:13.00: Unmount the discharge hose support strap

01:20.00: Invert the unit and disconnect the wires.

01:31.00: Remove the motor mount screw.

01:38.00: Loosen the bowl bolt adapter clamp on the bowl side.

01:43.00: Remove the discharge pump assembly

01:54.00: Note the location of the discharge hose in its relationship to the discharge pump

02:07.00: Remove the discharge hose clamp and the adapter fitting

02:14.00: Remove the joker valve and the joker valve insert

02:20.00: Remove the discharge hose and the secondary joker valve

02:35.00: Loosen the discharge hose adapter clamp and remove the adapter

02:46.00: Remove the discharge pump nuts

02:54.00: Bind the macerator blade with a screwdriver, loosen and remove the nut and lock washer to remove the blade.

03:10.00: The remaining components of the discharge pump can now be removed

03:25.00: Remove the motor shaft seal by depressing the inner edge with a flat blade screwdriver

03:41.00: Remove the discharge o-ring and clean the surface of the seal plate.

03:57.00: Clean and inspect the motor shaft for signs of damage or abrasions, replace, if necessary

04:07.00: Replace the O-ring and dip the motor shaft seal in water before installing. Using a socket, gently seat the seal flush with the surface.

04:25.00: Use a small amount of super-lube and reeinstall the seal plate.

04:32.00: Reinstall the impeller carefully aligning the motor shaft flat surface with the keyway on the impeller.

04:42.00: Add a small amount of Super Lube to the sealing lip of the discharge housing.

04:50.00: Reinstall the macerator housing facing away from the wire harness

05:09.00: Using a torque wrench, tighten the pump housing nuts to 22 inch pounds.

05:22.00: Install the macerator blade with the tab facing downward into the recess area of the impeller.

05:49.00: Using a screwdriver or equivalent, bind the impeller, tighten the nut on the macerator to 22 inch pounds.

06:01.00: Clean the discharge fitting before re installing the new Joker valve. Make certain the insert is flush with the fitting.

06:18.00: Tighten the discharge hose fitting to 10 inch pounds.

06:24.00: Tighten the discharge hose clamp on the pump housing with 20 inch pounds.

06:41.00: Reinstall the bowl throat adapter by pushing securely onto the face of the pump.

06:51.00: Tighten both of these clamps to 35 to 40 inch pounds.

07:12.00: Resecure the motor to the mount bracket, reconnect the seat and cover wires and hose connections and reinstall.

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